Thursday, December 24, 2009

Long Time!

Yes I know it has been a long time since we have posted! I was moving and that took a lot of my time. Also Liza will sadly be leaving us(I hope not for long!), her dad is ill and in the hospital. But any way we WILL get back to posting! I know I have two posts in mind and so does Aunt Georgie.
Thanks for being so patient!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Wonderful Afternoon

I was seated next to Bryant at the tea table. Lee was sitting on the other side of me and he whispered something in my ear, "Don't eat the snacks Cassie made, they're atrocious." I giggled and recollected myself. We smiled at each other and Bryant cleared his throat.

"I meant to give this to you at the ball, but I couldn't find you after we departed," he said, holding up a white glove.

I blushed, "Thank you. I didn't even notice." He smiled.

"Liza, do you have a moment?" Lee asked me after lunch when everyone was playing crochet. I smiled and excused myself.

"Lee, I was in the middle of a conversation with Mr. Bryant. What is it?" I was quite anxious to get back to the game; more or less, to Mr. Bryant.

"I can't help but notice your sudden interest in Mr. Bryant."

I blushed and cleared my throat, "Lee, you must be ridiculous. He's simply a very talented young man. And very interesting."

"But Liza..."

I my feelings had been considerably rumpled by Lee's questions, so I cut him off with,

"Lee, I am just being nice. Please excuse me."

With that I swept back to the game and Mr. Bryant. After sitting myself back down I looked back at Lee through the corner of my eye. He stood where I had left him, he was looking at me with a hurt look in his blue eyes. With a small pang of remorse, I looked away and concentrated my mind on the game. Lizzy was my savior, for in she came with a stranger. A tall dark good-looking stranger. We met eyes across the room, hers were dancing.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What happend in the library.

I followed her into the library, which was a grand room lined with shelves, with a table, six chairs and an empty fire place. Cassie brought me a book I had long wanted to try. 'Tis called Life of Johnson, by James Broswell.
"Thank you Cassie! May I read it for awhile?"
She smiled "Yes Lizzy, I will come get you in a bit." And with that she left me to my reading.
I must have been there for over a half an hour, when I heard.
I looked up into the eyes of a man about twenty, with beautiful kind brown eyes.
"Madame?" He said again.
I shook myself and smiled slightly, "Yes?"
He bowed and smiled back, "I was, um, coming to retrieve a book. That I lent Leland. Do you know the Smiths?"
I stood up from my chair and replied, "Yes, I do, my father Mr.Darcy grew up with Leland's father."
His face lit up, "Then you must be either Liza or Lizzy. Leland speaks of you all the time."
I curtsied, "I am Lizzy. Lisbeth Darcy."
He bowed, "And I am Francis Gould."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Garden Party

The Garden Party was at the Smith's house. It was after luncheon, and was a simple affair of tea and cards. We arrived promptly at one. I was dressed in a simple, yet flattering dress of white, with short sleeves and a simple gold chain about my neck.
Leland's sister, Cassie came to greet us.
"Liza! Lizzy! Welcome! Oh and Becka, Aunt Georgie! Come, come do join us." She gave hugs all 'round, then led us to the parlor where we joined the guests. Leland, James and Captain Milton were sitting around the main table playing cards with dark handsome fellow.
"That's him Lizzy," Liza had grasped my arm and was whispered excitedly, "Bryant Woods.''
I looked him over closely, this is were my dear sister and I differ most. While she is quite taken with meeting and becoming friends easily, I prefer to meet and watch, before bestowing my friendship.
"He has good manners, and pleasing face." I agreed, as the men stood at our entrance.
Lee did the introductions,
"Ladies meet my friend Bryant Woods."
Bryant's eyes light up at the sight of Liza, he came forward,
"My dear miss Elizabeth!" he said kissing her hand.
"Have you met?" Lee asked surprised.
"Yes," answered Liza, "At the ball, I'm afraid we ran into each other."
''Yes we did." Bryant agreed smiling, still more.
Cassie took me aside from the group, "Lizzy, I have the book you wanted. Will you come into the library with me?"
"Oh yes!" I said.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Thoughtful Conversation

As the dance began, I decided it was time I figured out how James had been doing. I began to look over him intently, looking over his face for worry lines and looking straight into his eyes to see if he could meet my gaze. I'd learned to do this type of face study years ago, and had practiced on James many times. This time however, there was something in his eyes that worried me a little.

"Scrutinizing me again, Bekah?" James asked amusedly.
"Yes." I answered.
"What do you see?" James had gotten used to this staring ritual over the years, really since we were twelve.
"I see that you getting more headstrong and independent and I'm worried you'll go to far." I said frankly. James looked surprised.
"You worry about me?"
"Sometimes. When I see that glint in your eyes, the 'I can do anything I want to' look. Sometimes I think that you going the royal navy wasn't such a good idea."
"Aren't you proud of me?" James looked a little hurt.
"Of course I am. Please don't get me wrong here. I'm just concerned that you're using the Navy as an excuse to sidle out from under your mother's guidance and trying to do everything on your own."
"Well, not everything yet. I still write Mother." James defended himself, but he looked a little guilty.
"Not nearly enough. You really should use this furlough home to draw closer to her. She needs you probably even more than you know."
"I am aware of that. I'm realizing now how hard it is to be the man of a family." We were silent for a little while, each of us thinking. I thinking of James and his family: his mother, brother and two sisters. He was the youngest, his oldest brother had already left home, leaving James to take care of his mother and two sisters. James's father had disappeared at sea when he was very small. Life had never been very easy for the Taavettis after that.
The silence was broken when I shook myself, smiled and said, "I'm not that worried about you. You'll do fine, just keep your mind focused." After that, the conversation changed to lighter topics.

A Lovely Night

After introducing us to Mr. Milton, I quickly left when I saw my old friend, Cristy with her fine husband. We talked and talked. Then, the musicians started to play a different, more lively tune. Cristy and her husband bid me a good evening and made their way to the dance floor. I went in search of Lee, for he promised me the first dance.
"There you are!" I heard him yell and he quickly made his way towards me. "Time to dance?"
"Why certainly," I replied blushing. We glided along the dance floor and clapped and cheered, it was a lovely dance. When the music stopped playing I needed to look for Lizzy. I hadn't seen her since we were introduced to Mr. Milton, and I wondered if something went wrong. I hadn't been there for the rest of the conversation. "Lee, do you know where my sister is?"
He looked around, "No, but where ever she is, I can assure you it's far from Mr. Milton."
"What? What happened, Lee?" I asked.
"Look, there's Christy and her husband, shall we go say hello?"
"I already have. Lee, why are you avoiding my question?" Leland looked at me sheepishly.
"Well, do you promise to tell no one."
I shook my head, "Not a soul."
"Especially not Lizzy."
I repeated, "Especially not Lizzy."
Leland took my hand and led me away from the noise. "I had hoped that Lizzy would take a fancy to Mr. Milton and..."
"Are you saying, sir, that you're trying to be a matchmaker for my sister?" I said in surprise.
"No, no. I just had hoped they might, talk more this evening. You see, Mr. Milton is a very lonely, very prideful man and I had hoped Lizzy might be just the girl to-to carry on a decent conversation with him. That's all."
I stood up straight, "What exactly did he say to make Lizzy distraught?"
"He was just talking about how woman are a nuisance at sea." Leland hung his head.
"Uh! The nerve! Why would he choose such a subject to speak to a woman about?"
"It's my fault really. I brought it up."
I excused myself from Leland and went to look for Lizzy. I wondered if she had been emotionally hurt by Mr. Milton's remark. She is such a delicate soul. When I found her, she was gaily speaking to Christy.
"Liza, you didn't tell me you had seen Christy this evening," Liza said, taking my had and squeezing it.
"Well, I hadn't seen you since I talked with her," I said smiling at them both.
Lizzy giggled, "That's true."
"Lizzy, did you meet Mr. Milton?"
Her eyes got a bit sad, "Yes. He's a very outspoken gentleman."
I sighed, "Lee told me. Are you... okay?"
Christy was watching and listening, a little confused, yet interested.
"Yes, Liza, I'm fine." Lizzy squeezed my hand again and smiled, just to reassure me.
"Hi girls," Bekah said. "Are you ready to go? It's getting quite late."
I said yes and Lizzy shook her head. It was decided. I went to tell Leland good-bye and Bekah went to tell the coachman to get our carriage. Lizzy was saying her last minute good-bye's to Christy.
"Leland, we're going to take leave."
Leland looked worried, "Is Lizzy okay?"
"Yes, we're just tired and it's getting quite late. Papa will not be to happy if we stay out much longer."
Leland smiled, knowing that is was true. "I'll see you tomorrow. I'd like to come over, if it's alright."
I smiled and shook my head, "It's perfectly fine. Good-night!"
Leland waved his hand as I walked off towards the door.
"Ow!" I said, stumbling over someone's foot. "I'm so sorry, I didn't-" And there he was. The most handsome man I've ever met.
"No, it's quite alright. Are you okay?"
I was speechless.
"Do you talk, Mrs...."
"Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, I'm alright. The name is L-Elizabeth Bennett."
"Well, Mrs. Bennett, my apologies for stepping on you," he said, smiling.
"Oh, it's quite alright, Mr..."
"Bryant. Bryant Woods. Well, I can see you were making your way somewhere, so I will not deter you any longer."
I blushed as he took my hand and kissed it. "Good evening Mr. Woods."
"Please, it's Bryant."
"Bryant." I walked away, wanting to stay and get to know this wonderfully charming man, but Bekah and Lizzy were probably waiting for me at the carriage. I turned to get one more glance of Bryant. He was looking at me too. I blushed and scolded myself for looking.
"What took you so long, Liza?" Bekah asked while being helped into the carriage.
"I met the most wonderful man in my whole life," I said after we were all in the carriage and the door was shut.
The gasped, "What? Are you referring to Le-"
"No!" I quickly explained, "His name is Bryant Woods. He's tall, handsome and he is a very kind gentleman. I bumped into him on my way out."
"You know all that stuff about him just because you bumped into him?" Lizzy said, giggling a little.
"No, we talked for a while. Exchanged our names and... well, I just know he's a gentleman because something in his manner of speech. I can tell he was well brought-up." We all giggled together excitedly and talked about the evening. When we arrived at home Papa said we should get some rest and reminded us about the Garden Party the next day. I secretly hoped Bryant would be there.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Smiths' Ball

Dear Journal,

What a night we had at the Smiths! I'm so glad I was able to go, and now I need to settle down and collect my scattered thoughts discernibly on paper.

I was barely ready when the carriage arrived to take us, and I was feeling so excited and bouncy that it was hard to keep still on the ride. Lizzy, Liza and I talked and giggled all the way. I'm inexpressibly happy to be with them again!

When we walked into the Smiths' beautiful home, I got a thrill up my back as I saw all the lovely dressed people walking around, the music playing, and could smell the delicious supper prepared for us. As I gave my cloak to the attendant, I felt light, free, and ready for anything!

Soon after we arrived, I was delighted to be greeted by an old family friend, Captain James Taavetti. I hadn't seen him in a while, and it was good to catch up. He's in the navy, and often away at sea. His father came from Finland, and James's love of the water came from him.
"How's my handsome navy hero?" I teased him.
"Fine, fine. A little rusty on home manners, but fine." he replied.
"Nonsense. Your manners are emaculate." I countered.
He looked over towards another part of the room, where I saw Leland and Liza talking to another man.
"Sure, sure. I see you are here with your cousins. Fine young ladies they are. Oh, I see they're meeting William! He's a good friend of mine. Also a little rusty on his manners around ladies." he smiled.
"I think your manners are perfectly elegant, and you know they are." I insisted. "You act like a gentleman."
"Thank you. I appreciate that compliment. Must store it somewhere, so as not to forget it."
I laughed. James has often been teased for his bad short term memory. Just then, we saw the conversation between James's friend and Leland and Liza break up. Liza seemed to be looking for someone, and when she saw me she began moving our direction. James and I walked over to talk with her.
"Liza, this is my old friend Captain James Taavetti. James, this is Elizabeth Bennet, my cousin."
"How do you do?" James bowed. Liza curtsied and smiled. I noticed she looked a little out of sorts.
"I see you've met my friend Captain Milton!" James continued. "What did you think of him?"
"Honestly?" Liza asked.
"Hmmm, methinks my friend has been voicing his opinion on women to you, has he not?" James said in an all-knowing air (which he is also famous for).
Liza sighed. "He is not the most pleasant spoken of men."
"Nothing time won't improve." James said cheerfully. "He's here on extended furlough, as am I. I wouldn't be surprised if eight months in wonderful, wholesome society doesn't polish him up somewhat."
Then my favorite dance began, and Liza curtsied goodbye and James led me back to the floor.
"I hope I'm not taking away dances from other promised young men." James said.
"No, not at all. I am not engaged at all this evening."
"Good, good. I hope you will not be bored with me this evening. May I be your escort to dinner?"
"I would be honored." I replied.

We meet Captain William Milton

Before the dancing started Leland introduced us to a friend from Oxford. His name was Captain William Milton.
"I knew you would want to meet him Lizzy, he fought on Nile. Won a great victory there. Now he is on leave. Isn't that right Will?"
The Captain was a man of average height, with blond hair pulled back as English fashions commands. He had sharp blue eyes that seemed to look right through me.
"Yes my dear fellow, I'm afraid I caught some blasted illness the Caribbean."
"That's too bad Captain," I said, "what where you doing there? May I ask?"
"Following some French ship, twice our size, twice our gun. But we got them."
Leland smiled, "Will, I have never known you take to women before, this is a surprise. I even recall you saying that they are a "Bloody nuisance."'
My eyes widened in surprise, "A nuisance?" I asked
Captain Milton shifted uncomfortably, and then replied, "I'm afraid you misunderstood me. What I said was that women are a nuisance at sea. Its not good for their health to be on the Waves. They catch one thing or another, and when battle comes they are just plain in the way."
"Sir," I said a little hotly, "Not all women are this way. I love sailing, and wish I could more often."
"Most women that I have had escort, ruined the venture completely." He said firmly.
Just then the musicians struck up a lively country dance. Leland turned to us and said,
"Well I must leave you to find Liza, for I believe I have the first dance."
With that Leland left, leaving me standing with the captain.
My feelings had been rumpled, so bid goodnight to the captain and I went in search of Becka.

The Glorious Ball

(the dress on the right is Liza's ballgown)
"I'm so glad you ladies could make it," Leland said as he gave each of us his hand and helped us down from the carriage. As soon as we were all out of the carriage I was stunned by the magnificent lights that were hung everywhere.
"Oh Leland, it's beautiful!" I said and he gave me his arm. I put mine in his and said, "Well, it's beautiful for a small party." We all laughed.
"Well, I must say, Liza, you look beautiful tonight as well," Leland smiled and finished with, "For an unimportant young woman as yourself." We laughed once more. "Come, come inside and meet some friends of mine." Leland led the way and when we stepped inside the beautiful ballroom Rebekah gave a sharp gasp.
"It's, it's beautiful and so bright and... just beautiful!" Leland smiled as all us girl stood there and admired the brightly lit scenery and sighed happily. We felt so beautiful in our ballgowns, we felt like princess'. Rebekah took my hand, I took Lizzy's and we all took a deep breath.
"Wow, I'm so exited. A ball!" Lizzy said and she silently giggled. I giggled, too and Rebekah squeezed our hand and reminded us we were to be following Leland. We giggled again and walked a bit faster to catch up with him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hi everyone! We are sorry we have not posted in a while. It's been a busy month, eh? We will try to get back to the story as soon as possible. Please be patient with us. :)

~Eldarwen Failariel~ (Liza)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Afternoon With Rebekah

(the pic to the right is Liza by the lakeside)

Note from the author (Eldarwen): This is going to take place before Rebekah's last entry.

This afternoon Lizzy and Liza spent their time with Rebekah. They talked about so many things. The girls had a lot to catch up on. Rachel made a delicious lunch and everyone ate it by the lakeside. It was an absolutely beautiful day! After lunch, the girls played a wonderful game of crochet. When the game was over everyone packed up their things and headed back towards the house. It wasn't long before Liza's dear friend Leland Smith came riding up on his horse.
"Good afternoon, ladies," Leland said, dismounting the horse and taking off his hat.
The girls curtsied and bid him a good afternoon as well.
"Are you all excited about the ball tonight?" Leland asked, already knowing the answer.
Liza spoke up, "Should we be? Who would want to go to a silly ball?" The girls giggled and Leland smiled brightly.
"Well, then if the most beautiful woman in Pemberly won't join me, I guess I shall have to cancel the ball," Leland said, playing along.
"Well," started Lizzy, "I guess we could attend. If you really, really want us to."
Leland laughed and said, "I would be delighted!" Liza and Lizzy put the arms in Leland's, while Rebekah put her arm in Lizzy's and they all strode happily to the house.

When they arrived in the house, Leland asked Liza if she'd like to play a game of Chess. That was somewhat of a tradition whenever Leland visited Pemberly. Liza heartily accepted and walked merrily over to the chess board. They immediately started their game while Lizzy sat on the sofa listening to Rebekah play the piano. It was a lovely afternoon and after an hour or two with Leland, the girls decided they must get ready for the ball. They bid good-bye to Leland and dismissed themselves. Rebekah sat on her bed and wrote in her journal while Lizzy and Liza were giggling and laughing in excitement while showing Rebekah what they planned to wear. Rebakah excitedly jumped up and showed them her dress, too. The girls took each other's hands and spun around the room. They were laughing and making such a fuss that their mother, Elizabeth came up to check on them.

"My dears, what on earth is going on up here?" Their mother said peeking into the room cautiously.
"Nothing mother, dear. We're just so excited about the ball tonight. It's been such a long time since we've danced with some gentleman, that I fear I might have forgotten how," said Lizzy. Liza lay her hand on Lizzy shoulder and smiled at her.
"I do not think, dear Lizzy, that you could ever forget how to dance. It comes so naturally."
Lizzy smiled at Liza's compliment.
"Well," replied the girls' mother, "I shall leave you to your preperations." And with that Elizabeth walked out of the room and down the hall.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Trip to Pemberley

Dear Journal,
These past few days have been quite exciting! Yesterday evening, I packed up my trunk in preparation for my month long trip to see my cousins at Pemberley. This morning was spent in last minute preparations, goodbyes to siblings and Mama, and a few modifications made to my party gown. Papa drove me over to Pemberley this afternoon, where I was happily greeted by my two cousins. I'm so happy to be with them! They invited me to come with them to a ball tonight, so I was quite glad I'd finished my party gown! This will be my first party I've been to in several months, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

I've taken this quick minute to write in my journal and now Liza has just come in to tell me it is time to get ready for the party.

~Rebekah Jane~


Liza was soon finished eating breakfast and, along with Lizzy, dashed back up to their bedroom and were discussing what they would be wearing to the Smith's ball. They planned how they'd do their hair, what shoes they'd wear. Liza was so excited she couldn't stop laughing. She grabbed Lizzy's hands and twirled around the room laughing and jumping up and down.
"Liza, stop it, you'll upset Rachel," Lizzy said, thinking about their governess who never liked it when they jumped around in the house. Liza quietly giggled and then regained her composure.
"I suppose you're right, Lizzy... But Rachel will surely forgive us this morning, for she knows we are both terribly excited about the ball." Liza once more jumped up and down, forgetting Lizzy's earlier warning. Lizzy grabbed Liza's arm to stop her once more. Sure enough, Rachel was coming up to their room.
"What is all that noise?" Liza and Lizzy stood there, hands behind their backs, fingers crossed. "You girls better behave yourselves... or I might just have to tell your father he'll have to accompany you to the ball." Liza and Lizzy were a little ashamed, but when they saw the playful smile cross Rachel's face they ran up to her and gave her a tight squeeze. Rachel chuckled and left the room.
"Oh Lizzy, I'm so excited! I just can't contain my energy!" Liza said spinning around and around until she was dizzy. "The best part is, cousin Rebekah will be coming this afternoon to stay for a month! If she gets here soon enough, maybe she'd like to go to the ball with us. Wouldn't that be marvelous?" Liza gave a big, happy sigh and plopped on the bed. Lizzy giggled and plopped on the bed beside her.

Later that morning the girls went for a walk in the garden. Their father always insisted upon them getting some fresh air and a good walk everyday. Lizzy brought along a book and was reading while walking alongside Liza. It was nearly impossible to get anything read in the company of Liza, though. She never would stop talking for a moment. Always going on and on about how beautiful everything was and how lively the birds were. Lizzy gave a sigh and brought the book down from in front of her face.
"Oh, Liza, will you ever let me read?" Lizzy said giggling. Liza covered her mouth and giggled along with her.
"Sorry, dear Lizzy. There's just so much to talk about." Not but a moment later did they hear a carriage pulling up. Liza and Lizzy looked at each other with wide, glowing eyes.
"Cousin Rebekah!" They both said in unison. They ran to the arriving carriage and slowed to a stop. Fixing their hair and un-wrinkling their dresses. They straightened their hats and stood completely still, full of excitement.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was a cool spring morning at Pemberly when I opened my eyes. Sitting up I blinked several times, checked to see if Liza was awake then pulled out the book I had under my pillow. I only had a few second before Liza was also awake. “Good morning!” she said between yawns. I looked up and smiled in response. “Lizzy always has her nose in a book” Liza grumbled while dressing. I jumped from bed and threw my arms around her saying, “I’m sorry dear Liza, I didn’t mean to ignore you!”
Liza hugged me back, “ there is nothing to forgive dear Lizzy’’ We both laughed and I knew peace had been restored. A half an hour later both Liza and I raced down to the room in which our parents were waiting to eat. Hugs went round as Liza and I bid our parents good morning. When we had finished we sat to eat, and the morning talk began.
“ You do not think the carriage will be needed to night do you dear?” asked Papa, vainly trying to hide a smile.
“No my dear, I do not believe so” replied Mama with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.
Liza and I looked at each other in horror, if Papa needed the carriage we could not go to the Smiths ball! The Smiths were very good friends, especially Leland and Cassie.
Then we caught the look on our parent’s faces, and realized they were teasing. They knew how long we had waited for this day. Laughter filled the room and the meal whent on merrily.


Rebekah Jane Bingley

Hi! I'm Rebekah Jane Bingley, cousin to Lizzy and Liza Darcy. Back before my parents were married, my Aunt Elizabeth joked to my mother that she would "teach her ten children how to embroider pin cushions and teach them to play the piano very ill." Well, I'm the oldest of almost ten children, only one more to go! I'm nineteen years old, and very good friends with my cousins the Darcys. My family lives not far from Pemberley, and I often ride over there for the afternoon with my sister, Elaine to see them and Aunt Georgiana. (Even though she's not really my aunt, I call her Aunt Georgiana.)

I enjoy playing the pianoforte and reading, but I'm not much good with embroidery. I also enjoy riding my horse, Belle, and being outside. Mama says I'm more like my Aunt Lizzy in that way. I look like my father, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm a fairly outgoing person, but sometimes I lapse into quiet moods. Like my parents, I can't stand offending people, and have many friends.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

~Rebekah Jane~

~Rebekah J.~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pride and Prejudice the BBC version

I know a lot of people who say how good the newest version of Pride and Prejudice is. And I agree, as long as we are talking movie, not as an adaptation of Jane Austen's book. As an adaptation I thought is was...well...horrible. I know some of you are probably going "What!", but yes that is what I think. I relies you can't put that good of a book in what, and hour and half(I don't remember how long it was). But I do give them credit for making a good movie.They did a good movie. My other dislike was Kira Knightly. As an actor I do not think she was right for this role. Personally I think she ruined Elizabeth. She is great for Pirates of the Caribbean, but not for Elizabeth Bennet.

P.S. Long comments are allowed. lol

Monday, November 9, 2009

Georgianna Elise Darcy

I am Fritswilliam Darcys little sister. You all may call me my nickname which was bestowed by my nieces, Aunt Georgie. I was thrilled when four and twenty years ago, my brother married Elizabeth Bennet. Now I take great joy in caring for my two nieces Liza and Lizzy. I'm afraid I spoiled them, I still do now. I live in Pemberly in with them ,but I feel I shall soon be leaving. The reason why I shall not, at the present say.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karen Elizabeth Darcy

Hello, my name is Karen Elizabeth Darcy, though I prefer to be called Liza. I am tall with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I am an adventurous young woman, not like my younger sister, Lizzy who is always reading a book. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy reading, it's just, the world has so much to offer and how can I enjoy it when I've got my nose stuck in a book? I'm quite sure that I am like no other in my family. My mother says I have a personality all my own. I am twenty two years of age and enjoy horseback riding, playing chess with one of my dear friends, Leland Smith. I also enjoy morning walks with Cassie, Leland's younger sister who is also one of my dearest friends. I share a room with my younger sister, Lizzy who's eighteen years of age. We are most different and that's what makes sharing a room with her so much fun. We hardly fight and we very rarely bicker over who's going to wear what dress. I don't really care what dress I wear, just as long as I won't feel trapped inside of it. Lizzy, on the other hand is quite different. I am more childish than Lizzy, though you'd think since I'm the older one I'd be mature, but I'm just not. I can't help it. There's too many things to do and see in life to be grown-up. Life is so much better when you look at it through a child's eyes. I do so hope you will enjoy your stay at Pemberly!


The Beginning

Welcome all to Pemberly! Home of the Darcy family.
My name is Lisbeth Elinor Darcy but you can call me Lizzy.
I am very quite, preferring to read above anything else. My mother says I am allot like my father, though I look like my Aunt Jane. I have curly red-gold hair, a fine chin and mouth. I can not say much for my nose, and I have shadow-blue eyes.
My sister Liza and I share a room, we have rooms in a plenty but prefer sharing. We are not at all alike, we balance each other out nicely. I am quite when she is boisterous, she sooths my hot temper, there is no one in the world who knows me as Liza does.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm Eldarwen, but on this blog I will be known as Elizabeth Bennet (I took the quiz, Lizzy). :) I just thought I'd introduce myself. *waves her hand in the air* Can't wait to get started!!



HI everyone!
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Then we can introduce ourselves!

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