Friday, December 17, 2010

Captain Milton comes before he leaves.

Lizzy was sitting in a corner reading a book. It was the first free time that she had in a long time. The packing was now finished and they are were taking a well earned rest.
Lizzy dropped the book when the door burst open to reveal Captain Milton, hat askew, and wild hair. Lizzy immediately thought the worst.
"Oh good God what is the matter!" She rushed to him. He was silent a moment then he took her small hand in his and said, "Don't be alarmed. Nothing of that the matter." Lizzy looked down at his hand that was covering hers, needless to say her heart fluttered.
"Please call me William."
"I..." William stopped her,
"Please, I have to tell you before I leave. I don't know if this will change anything, but. Lizzy, I love you." Lizzy gasped.
"It came over suddenly, I saw your kindness and love towards others and I could help myself. Lizzy tell that we might be able to get married some day?"
Tears came to Lizzy's eyes.
"Captain, I mean William. I was so horrid that first day we met!" A small smile came to his lips,
"I know. But I deserved it. I've tried my hardest to be worthy of you."
"I could tell that something had changed."
"But Lizzy, will you answer me?"
"Yes, I say yes!" Lizzy said with a laugh. William looked as if he did not believe it,
"Lizzy." All he could say was her name. Lizzy's face fell,
"But not know. Not soon..." She trailed off. William looked alarmed.
"Why not?"
"Because, my Aunt is getting married. And then Liza. I have to be there to help. They mean so much to me. William-" He cut her off,
"Very well. My darling Lizzy." Lizzy sighed and she took his other hand in hers,
"Thank you William." Just then the cloak chimed 12:00, William looked up and said with a sigh, "I have to go now." Lizzy nodded,
"Yes, you must."
"We can write." Lizzy nodded. William made as if to go, but he stopped and said,
"Lizzy I shall miss you."
"We shall see each other again soon." I promised.
"Yes, yes we shall I will make sure of it." Then he bent down and kissed her very softly,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Long time

I am sorry for it being so long! I plan to post very soon. My family has been very busy, far to busy to say, as it would take such a long time. But if you do want to know what I have been up too you can go to my other blog.
Till later dear readers!