Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pride and Prejudice the BBC version

I know a lot of people who say how good the newest version of Pride and Prejudice is. And I agree, as long as we are talking movie, not as an adaptation of Jane Austen's book. As an adaptation I thought is was...well...horrible. I know some of you are probably going "What!", but yes that is what I think. I relies you can't put that good of a book in what, and hour and half(I don't remember how long it was). But I do give them credit for making a good movie.They did a good movie. My other dislike was Kira Knightly. As an actor I do not think she was right for this role. Personally I think she ruined Elizabeth. She is great for Pirates of the Caribbean, but not for Elizabeth Bennet.

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Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

My thoughts Exactly!!(going for long comment hah)
Kiera Knightley did an okay job for the movie. But she was really annoying i found throughout it. Mrs. Bennet was not annoying Enough!!!!!!!
I was sooo shocked they did not make her more rude!
Mary bennet: they made mary more sensible. Kind of like the quiet one in the family. They showed that she would make a good match for Collins which is exactly what i would have wanted.

Kitty and Lydia: they made waaaay to young
no speck of any ladylikeness at all! the BBC version did a better silly lizzy and still kep kitty following here every word. They looked as though they were 13!

Mr Collins: I LOVE THAT ACTOR! I reallly love that actor. He did okay for this movie though i prefer him as Osbourne Hamley in Wives and Daughters. They did not make him Silly enough!! He needs to be annoying! haha

Love all the men characters except Mr. Bingley whom the made a stupid fool.

Mr Bennet was to loving to his family! i never got that from the book did you? he loved his children but never showed much to them was my adaption.

Wo0t long comment


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Lizzy! Keira Knightly did not do justice to Elizabeth Bennet! I have never seen any other adaptions of Pride & Prejudice, but I definitely didn't like Keira playing Elizabeth.


Nana said...

Sorry, but I have to disagree. I did not at all like the BBC version. My Aunt Di doesn't like Keira Knightly period, but I thought she did a great job, and I would take the new version over the BBC anyday. Sorry! I liked their Mr. Darcy too. I foget his name though. Matthew something I think.

I like the idea of this blog. Kinda fun.


Kagweni said...

i completely and utterly agree. they lost the austen-ess of the story! and miss knightley was a terrible elizabeth!