Friday, December 18, 2009

We meet Captain William Milton

Before the dancing started Leland introduced us to a friend from Oxford. His name was Captain William Milton.
"I knew you would want to meet him Lizzy, he fought on Nile. Won a great victory there. Now he is on leave. Isn't that right Will?"
The Captain was a man of average height, with blond hair pulled back as English fashions commands. He had sharp blue eyes that seemed to look right through me.
"Yes my dear fellow, I'm afraid I caught some blasted illness the Caribbean."
"That's too bad Captain," I said, "what where you doing there? May I ask?"
"Following some French ship, twice our size, twice our gun. But we got them."
Leland smiled, "Will, I have never known you take to women before, this is a surprise. I even recall you saying that they are a "Bloody nuisance."'
My eyes widened in surprise, "A nuisance?" I asked
Captain Milton shifted uncomfortably, and then replied, "I'm afraid you misunderstood me. What I said was that women are a nuisance at sea. Its not good for their health to be on the Waves. They catch one thing or another, and when battle comes they are just plain in the way."
"Sir," I said a little hotly, "Not all women are this way. I love sailing, and wish I could more often."
"Most women that I have had escort, ruined the venture completely." He said firmly.
Just then the musicians struck up a lively country dance. Leland turned to us and said,
"Well I must leave you to find Liza, for I believe I have the first dance."
With that Leland left, leaving me standing with the captain.
My feelings had been rumpled, so bid goodnight to the captain and I went in search of Becka.

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