Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Garden Party

The Garden Party was at the Smith's house. It was after luncheon, and was a simple affair of tea and cards. We arrived promptly at one. I was dressed in a simple, yet flattering dress of white, with short sleeves and a simple gold chain about my neck.
Leland's sister, Cassie came to greet us.
"Liza! Lizzy! Welcome! Oh and Becka, Aunt Georgie! Come, come do join us." She gave hugs all 'round, then led us to the parlor where we joined the guests. Leland, James and Captain Milton were sitting around the main table playing cards with dark handsome fellow.
"That's him Lizzy," Liza had grasped my arm and was whispered excitedly, "Bryant Woods.''
I looked him over closely, this is were my dear sister and I differ most. While she is quite taken with meeting and becoming friends easily, I prefer to meet and watch, before bestowing my friendship.
"He has good manners, and pleasing face." I agreed, as the men stood at our entrance.
Lee did the introductions,
"Ladies meet my friend Bryant Woods."
Bryant's eyes light up at the sight of Liza, he came forward,
"My dear miss Elizabeth!" he said kissing her hand.
"Have you met?" Lee asked surprised.
"Yes," answered Liza, "At the ball, I'm afraid we ran into each other."
''Yes we did." Bryant agreed smiling, still more.
Cassie took me aside from the group, "Lizzy, I have the book you wanted. Will you come into the library with me?"
"Oh yes!" I said.

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