Monday, January 30, 2012

Reflections of Lizzy

The house was quite now, Liza and mother were at the dressmakers, and I was alone, reading.
"Hello little one." The strong voice of my father said behind me. I turned and ran to hug him,
"Why aren't you with your sister and mother?" He asked, the two of us sitting down.
"I was tired, and I had to write a letter to William." I told him.
"I see. Captain Milton told me that you two will be living in Bristol."
"Yes, you see he's going to be station there."
"You know sailors don't get much money in times of peace."
"I know father, William has some money from his father, but I'm not afraid of being poor."
"My brave girl." Father placed a kiss on my forehead, "You love him very much."
"I do."
"So Liza will be married soon, and then you." My father sighed, he suddenly looked very old. I had never noticed the grey in his hair, nor the wrinkles in his face, but now I did, and it made me sad to see my beloved father getting old.
"We are getting married father, but we'll be coming and going. Its not going to bad." I said, stroking his hair.
He smiled and said, "I know, I shall miss you. But," He got a twinkle in his eye,"Now I shall have your mother all to myself again."
We both laughed.