Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Afternoon With Rebekah

(the pic to the right is Liza by the lakeside)

Note from the author (Eldarwen): This is going to take place before Rebekah's last entry.

This afternoon Lizzy and Liza spent their time with Rebekah. They talked about so many things. The girls had a lot to catch up on. Rachel made a delicious lunch and everyone ate it by the lakeside. It was an absolutely beautiful day! After lunch, the girls played a wonderful game of crochet. When the game was over everyone packed up their things and headed back towards the house. It wasn't long before Liza's dear friend Leland Smith came riding up on his horse.
"Good afternoon, ladies," Leland said, dismounting the horse and taking off his hat.
The girls curtsied and bid him a good afternoon as well.
"Are you all excited about the ball tonight?" Leland asked, already knowing the answer.
Liza spoke up, "Should we be? Who would want to go to a silly ball?" The girls giggled and Leland smiled brightly.
"Well, then if the most beautiful woman in Pemberly won't join me, I guess I shall have to cancel the ball," Leland said, playing along.
"Well," started Lizzy, "I guess we could attend. If you really, really want us to."
Leland laughed and said, "I would be delighted!" Liza and Lizzy put the arms in Leland's, while Rebekah put her arm in Lizzy's and they all strode happily to the house.

When they arrived in the house, Leland asked Liza if she'd like to play a game of Chess. That was somewhat of a tradition whenever Leland visited Pemberly. Liza heartily accepted and walked merrily over to the chess board. They immediately started their game while Lizzy sat on the sofa listening to Rebekah play the piano. It was a lovely afternoon and after an hour or two with Leland, the girls decided they must get ready for the ball. They bid good-bye to Leland and dismissed themselves. Rebekah sat on her bed and wrote in her journal while Lizzy and Liza were giggling and laughing in excitement while showing Rebekah what they planned to wear. Rebakah excitedly jumped up and showed them her dress, too. The girls took each other's hands and spun around the room. They were laughing and making such a fuss that their mother, Elizabeth came up to check on them.

"My dears, what on earth is going on up here?" Their mother said peeking into the room cautiously.
"Nothing mother, dear. We're just so excited about the ball tonight. It's been such a long time since we've danced with some gentleman, that I fear I might have forgotten how," said Lizzy. Liza lay her hand on Lizzy shoulder and smiled at her.
"I do not think, dear Lizzy, that you could ever forget how to dance. It comes so naturally."
Lizzy smiled at Liza's compliment.
"Well," replied the girls' mother, "I shall leave you to your preperations." And with that Elizabeth walked out of the room and down the hall.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Trip to Pemberley

Dear Journal,
These past few days have been quite exciting! Yesterday evening, I packed up my trunk in preparation for my month long trip to see my cousins at Pemberley. This morning was spent in last minute preparations, goodbyes to siblings and Mama, and a few modifications made to my party gown. Papa drove me over to Pemberley this afternoon, where I was happily greeted by my two cousins. I'm so happy to be with them! They invited me to come with them to a ball tonight, so I was quite glad I'd finished my party gown! This will be my first party I've been to in several months, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

I've taken this quick minute to write in my journal and now Liza has just come in to tell me it is time to get ready for the party.

~Rebekah Jane~


Liza was soon finished eating breakfast and, along with Lizzy, dashed back up to their bedroom and were discussing what they would be wearing to the Smith's ball. They planned how they'd do their hair, what shoes they'd wear. Liza was so excited she couldn't stop laughing. She grabbed Lizzy's hands and twirled around the room laughing and jumping up and down.
"Liza, stop it, you'll upset Rachel," Lizzy said, thinking about their governess who never liked it when they jumped around in the house. Liza quietly giggled and then regained her composure.
"I suppose you're right, Lizzy... But Rachel will surely forgive us this morning, for she knows we are both terribly excited about the ball." Liza once more jumped up and down, forgetting Lizzy's earlier warning. Lizzy grabbed Liza's arm to stop her once more. Sure enough, Rachel was coming up to their room.
"What is all that noise?" Liza and Lizzy stood there, hands behind their backs, fingers crossed. "You girls better behave yourselves... or I might just have to tell your father he'll have to accompany you to the ball." Liza and Lizzy were a little ashamed, but when they saw the playful smile cross Rachel's face they ran up to her and gave her a tight squeeze. Rachel chuckled and left the room.
"Oh Lizzy, I'm so excited! I just can't contain my energy!" Liza said spinning around and around until she was dizzy. "The best part is, cousin Rebekah will be coming this afternoon to stay for a month! If she gets here soon enough, maybe she'd like to go to the ball with us. Wouldn't that be marvelous?" Liza gave a big, happy sigh and plopped on the bed. Lizzy giggled and plopped on the bed beside her.

Later that morning the girls went for a walk in the garden. Their father always insisted upon them getting some fresh air and a good walk everyday. Lizzy brought along a book and was reading while walking alongside Liza. It was nearly impossible to get anything read in the company of Liza, though. She never would stop talking for a moment. Always going on and on about how beautiful everything was and how lively the birds were. Lizzy gave a sigh and brought the book down from in front of her face.
"Oh, Liza, will you ever let me read?" Lizzy said giggling. Liza covered her mouth and giggled along with her.
"Sorry, dear Lizzy. There's just so much to talk about." Not but a moment later did they hear a carriage pulling up. Liza and Lizzy looked at each other with wide, glowing eyes.
"Cousin Rebekah!" They both said in unison. They ran to the arriving carriage and slowed to a stop. Fixing their hair and un-wrinkling their dresses. They straightened their hats and stood completely still, full of excitement.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was a cool spring morning at Pemberly when I opened my eyes. Sitting up I blinked several times, checked to see if Liza was awake then pulled out the book I had under my pillow. I only had a few second before Liza was also awake. “Good morning!” she said between yawns. I looked up and smiled in response. “Lizzy always has her nose in a book” Liza grumbled while dressing. I jumped from bed and threw my arms around her saying, “I’m sorry dear Liza, I didn’t mean to ignore you!”
Liza hugged me back, “ there is nothing to forgive dear Lizzy’’ We both laughed and I knew peace had been restored. A half an hour later both Liza and I raced down to the room in which our parents were waiting to eat. Hugs went round as Liza and I bid our parents good morning. When we had finished we sat to eat, and the morning talk began.
“ You do not think the carriage will be needed to night do you dear?” asked Papa, vainly trying to hide a smile.
“No my dear, I do not believe so” replied Mama with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.
Liza and I looked at each other in horror, if Papa needed the carriage we could not go to the Smiths ball! The Smiths were very good friends, especially Leland and Cassie.
Then we caught the look on our parent’s faces, and realized they were teasing. They knew how long we had waited for this day. Laughter filled the room and the meal whent on merrily.


Rebekah Jane Bingley

Hi! I'm Rebekah Jane Bingley, cousin to Lizzy and Liza Darcy. Back before my parents were married, my Aunt Elizabeth joked to my mother that she would "teach her ten children how to embroider pin cushions and teach them to play the piano very ill." Well, I'm the oldest of almost ten children, only one more to go! I'm nineteen years old, and very good friends with my cousins the Darcys. My family lives not far from Pemberley, and I often ride over there for the afternoon with my sister, Elaine to see them and Aunt Georgiana. (Even though she's not really my aunt, I call her Aunt Georgiana.)

I enjoy playing the pianoforte and reading, but I'm not much good with embroidery. I also enjoy riding my horse, Belle, and being outside. Mama says I'm more like my Aunt Lizzy in that way. I look like my father, I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm a fairly outgoing person, but sometimes I lapse into quiet moods. Like my parents, I can't stand offending people, and have many friends.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

~Rebekah Jane~

~Rebekah J.~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pride and Prejudice the BBC version

I know a lot of people who say how good the newest version of Pride and Prejudice is. And I agree, as long as we are talking movie, not as an adaptation of Jane Austen's book. As an adaptation I thought is was...well...horrible. I know some of you are probably going "What!", but yes that is what I think. I relies you can't put that good of a book in what, and hour and half(I don't remember how long it was). But I do give them credit for making a good movie.They did a good movie. My other dislike was Kira Knightly. As an actor I do not think she was right for this role. Personally I think she ruined Elizabeth. She is great for Pirates of the Caribbean, but not for Elizabeth Bennet.

P.S. Long comments are allowed. lol

Monday, November 9, 2009

Georgianna Elise Darcy

I am Fritswilliam Darcys little sister. You all may call me my nickname which was bestowed by my nieces, Aunt Georgie. I was thrilled when four and twenty years ago, my brother married Elizabeth Bennet. Now I take great joy in caring for my two nieces Liza and Lizzy. I'm afraid I spoiled them, I still do now. I live in Pemberly in with them ,but I feel I shall soon be leaving. The reason why I shall not, at the present say.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karen Elizabeth Darcy

Hello, my name is Karen Elizabeth Darcy, though I prefer to be called Liza. I am tall with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I am an adventurous young woman, not like my younger sister, Lizzy who is always reading a book. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy reading, it's just, the world has so much to offer and how can I enjoy it when I've got my nose stuck in a book? I'm quite sure that I am like no other in my family. My mother says I have a personality all my own. I am twenty two years of age and enjoy horseback riding, playing chess with one of my dear friends, Leland Smith. I also enjoy morning walks with Cassie, Leland's younger sister who is also one of my dearest friends. I share a room with my younger sister, Lizzy who's eighteen years of age. We are most different and that's what makes sharing a room with her so much fun. We hardly fight and we very rarely bicker over who's going to wear what dress. I don't really care what dress I wear, just as long as I won't feel trapped inside of it. Lizzy, on the other hand is quite different. I am more childish than Lizzy, though you'd think since I'm the older one I'd be mature, but I'm just not. I can't help it. There's too many things to do and see in life to be grown-up. Life is so much better when you look at it through a child's eyes. I do so hope you will enjoy your stay at Pemberly!


The Beginning

Welcome all to Pemberly! Home of the Darcy family.
My name is Lisbeth Elinor Darcy but you can call me Lizzy.
I am very quite, preferring to read above anything else. My mother says I am allot like my father, though I look like my Aunt Jane. I have curly red-gold hair, a fine chin and mouth. I can not say much for my nose, and I have shadow-blue eyes.
My sister Liza and I share a room, we have rooms in a plenty but prefer sharing. We are not at all alike, we balance each other out nicely. I am quite when she is boisterous, she sooths my hot temper, there is no one in the world who knows me as Liza does.