Thursday, November 12, 2009


Liza was soon finished eating breakfast and, along with Lizzy, dashed back up to their bedroom and were discussing what they would be wearing to the Smith's ball. They planned how they'd do their hair, what shoes they'd wear. Liza was so excited she couldn't stop laughing. She grabbed Lizzy's hands and twirled around the room laughing and jumping up and down.
"Liza, stop it, you'll upset Rachel," Lizzy said, thinking about their governess who never liked it when they jumped around in the house. Liza quietly giggled and then regained her composure.
"I suppose you're right, Lizzy... But Rachel will surely forgive us this morning, for she knows we are both terribly excited about the ball." Liza once more jumped up and down, forgetting Lizzy's earlier warning. Lizzy grabbed Liza's arm to stop her once more. Sure enough, Rachel was coming up to their room.
"What is all that noise?" Liza and Lizzy stood there, hands behind their backs, fingers crossed. "You girls better behave yourselves... or I might just have to tell your father he'll have to accompany you to the ball." Liza and Lizzy were a little ashamed, but when they saw the playful smile cross Rachel's face they ran up to her and gave her a tight squeeze. Rachel chuckled and left the room.
"Oh Lizzy, I'm so excited! I just can't contain my energy!" Liza said spinning around and around until she was dizzy. "The best part is, cousin Rebekah will be coming this afternoon to stay for a month! If she gets here soon enough, maybe she'd like to go to the ball with us. Wouldn't that be marvelous?" Liza gave a big, happy sigh and plopped on the bed. Lizzy giggled and plopped on the bed beside her.

Later that morning the girls went for a walk in the garden. Their father always insisted upon them getting some fresh air and a good walk everyday. Lizzy brought along a book and was reading while walking alongside Liza. It was nearly impossible to get anything read in the company of Liza, though. She never would stop talking for a moment. Always going on and on about how beautiful everything was and how lively the birds were. Lizzy gave a sigh and brought the book down from in front of her face.
"Oh, Liza, will you ever let me read?" Lizzy said giggling. Liza covered her mouth and giggled along with her.
"Sorry, dear Lizzy. There's just so much to talk about." Not but a moment later did they hear a carriage pulling up. Liza and Lizzy looked at each other with wide, glowing eyes.
"Cousin Rebekah!" They both said in unison. They ran to the arriving carriage and slowed to a stop. Fixing their hair and un-wrinkling their dresses. They straightened their hats and stood completely still, full of excitement.



Lizzy said...

I am so happy!
See you all tonight at the ball.

Jo March said...

Can't wait to visit! I'm looking forward to a whole month at Pemberley!

~Rebekah J.~

Anonymous said...

I know, I'm so excited about the ball tonight!
I'm so very happy Cousin Rebekah was able to come with us!