Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All Is Revealed ~ Part 1

Edmond chased after Mr. Hornburg, catching his coattails. 

"For shame!" he said to the quivering man. "Behaving so rudely to a woman and then, when you are found to be a scoundrel and a cheat, you try to run away! You are a spineless man who does not deserve to be called a gentleman!"

I jumped a little and shivered. This was a side of Edmond that I had never seen before.

Just then, Rosie ran to us. I quickly explained the situation to her, quaking as I described Mr. Hornburg's behavior. She put her hand in mine and squeezed it, soothing me. Then suddenly, she dashed back into the crowd, returning with a man whom she introduced as Mr. Pierre De Johns, the elder brother of Amae. I nodded my head towards Mr. De Johns, but I was much too distressed to curtsy and introduce myself.

Rosie began addressing Mr. Hornburg, her voice soft and sweet, though the words she spoke were fiery with their hatred. Mr. De Johns seemed ready to let out a laugh; he glanced at Rosie several times, a smile on his face as if he found her speech comical. 

Mr. Hornburg, however, did not seem to be enjoying Rosie's tirade. He sneered at me, then Rosie, then Edmond, then back at me. Then his eyes seemed to catch something in the distance, and he looked past us, over my head, with a triumphant smile on his face. I turned and saw Amae herself hurrying towards us.

"Pierre? Rose? What are you doing to my husband?" Amae choked out her question through her tears, and her words were barely louder than a whisper.

"Amae, don't cry," Mr. Hornburg started to say, his voice barely disguising his disgust.

"Amae, don't go to him. He is a liar and a cheat." Rosie spoke with authority. Amae's eyes were now drawn to her face, and then to Pierre's. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Hornburg trying to slip away.

"Edward, what are you doing?"asked Amae. Mr. Hornburg turned, startled, and then, sighing with a look of defeat, allowed himself to be lead out of the room by Pierre.

I realized that I had never once danced during this whole ball. It had all been very frustrating and emotional, what with Maria fainting and Rosie's revelation about Mr. Hornburg and then Mr. Hornburg trying to fool me into thinking he was Edmond... I glanced at the clock on the wall and realized that it was just now nine o' clock. This evening had seemed to last so long, and yet it was now barely begun. Thinking of Edmond, I turned towards him. A smile was on his face.

"Would you care to dance, Miss Wickham?"

"I would be delighted, Mr. Kingsley.

And we whirled away into the other swirling dancers, no longer outsiders, but now apart of them. And soon, I forgot about the troubles and trials we had experienced before, only that it was all over now and that I was dancing with the man I loved.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Betrayer is Betrayed

I knew I would have to meet Edward Hornburg eventually this was my chance He was looking wounded and Angry though .

"why does he Look Angry " I thought. "I must find Pierre He will help me " was my final conclusion. looking around I found Eva her cheeks were Tear stained the Gentle-man with her looked like John minus the Red hair.

"Eva? what is wrong? " I asked Going over to her.

"you were right Rosie Edward Hornburg is a Tyrant and a Betrayer he pretended to be Ed.. I mean Mr.Kingsley " Eva looked nervous as she told me

"I must find Pierre" I whispered.

I searched the crowed and found him Looking regretful I Made mt way over to him .

"Pierre I found the man who convinced Amae to elope " I said in a hushed voice.

his face imediatly changed to Expetancy.

"Were is he? " said Pierre looking around. I beckoned him to follow me Edward Hornburg looked at me with distaste.

"So its you ? " he sneered at me.

"Yes I must tell you that if you lay your hands on any of my Cousins ,Relatives and Friends I will hunt you down and I will not be so Forgiving as I am about to be " I said Lightly as though this was perfectly wonderfull.
Pierre looked at me and gave me a big smile.

"And if you Tuch my Little Sister Again you will as you are now Face the law and be in jail " Said Pierre.

"Pierre ? Rose ? vat are vou doing to my 'Usband? " I turned to see Amae her eyes full of tears.

"Amae don't cry " Said Mr.Hornburg pretending to be Tender but I saw a Flicker of hate in his Eyes.

``Amae dont go to him he is a Liar and a cheat `` I pleaded . Amae looked at Edward then at me then at Pierre and back again.

`Edvard Vat are vou doing ` asked Amae looking at him he was trying to sneak out of the room.

Pierre led him out of the room and came back and said to me `` May I ask who the girl who fainted was ``.

``Maria she is my cousin now don`t you get any idea`s yet `` I said his face broke into a smile .

``you are just like another sister Rosie `` ..

Heartbreak Comes Quickly ~ Part 3

Rosie then went on to reveal that she had met Edward Hornburg before, during the period of time that she had attended a boarding school in Paris. I listened in shock as she related how both she and Amae had witnessed his angry shouting at a young girl in the school's courtyard. The scene she described sounded shockingly similar to Amae's situation: the gentleman makes the young lady fall in love, persuades her to elope, and then steals her dowery and is never heard of again. 

"But this cannot be true!" I gasped. "Surely he has changed-"

"Evelyn, he has not changed," Rosie insisted. "How can you even consider that when you see how he looks at her? Not with love at all - no, rather like she is something to be bought and sold. It's awful, awful." And with that Rosie sank down to the ground with a despairing face. I was going to stroke her hair in an attempt to sooth her, but I saw a young red-headed gentleman approaching us with a hopeful look on his face. Rosie looked up and I saw her smile shyly. With one more glance in her direction, I left the room with a mysterious smile on my face.

"Miss Wickham!" I heard Edmond's voice call me. I whirled around and saw him with his arms stretched out towards me. "Do you care to dance?"

I felt a strange prick on my conscience that I ought to refuse, but I saw no way out. Walking slowly towards him, I took his hand gingerly, keeping at least a foot between us. 

"You seem a bit pensive, Miss Wickham," Edmond observed as we twirled.

"Sir, I find you changed."

"I know not why you should feel so."

"Well..." I looked up at him, searching for words. I noticed that his eyes were green. That's odd, I thought. I was sure they were brown. And how would he know my last name? 

"Did you like the flowers I sent?"

"Yes - and the note was very nice. But sir..."

"What is it, Miss Wickam?" he asked, curious.

"Sir, it is not at all proper that you should behave so. I am but eighteen!"

"I see no harm. You love me. I love you. Why should we not express our emotions?"

"But, sir-" I paused as I realized what he had just said. "Sir, when did I ever tell you that I loved you?"

"Of course you did not put it that clearly, but I know what you feel." He smiled, but something in his smile was off. An edge of menace was there - slight, but clear. And then he reached down towards my face, in an attempt to stroke my cheek. I stepped back once more, an expression of disgust on my face. This did not seem like Edmond, at least not the Edmond I had met. I spoke once more.

"Your eyes are green," I began, listing each fact. "You behave with much less decorum. You display a tendency towards an improper display of affection. And how do you know my name? I only told you my first name, yet all you have called me this evening was Miss Wickham! I do not know who you are, but I know that you are not Mr. Kingsley! Shame on you!" And with that, the fury of my anger burnt out and I burst into tears, much to my chagrin.

"Edward Hornburg," I heard a voice behind us speak in a deep tone. Whirling 'round, I beheld Edmond, the real Edmond Kingsley. Without a thought to proper decorum, I flung myself into his arms.

"Evelyn, what is wrong?" he said, pulling me away and looking at my tear-stained cheeks.

"This gentleman has been trying to fool me into thinking he was you, Ed - I mean to say, Mr. Kingsley."

"I can see that," he said in a stern voice, staring at the other man who must have been Edward Hornburg. The smirk on Edward's face was gone, replaced with an expression of fear.

Edward glanced warily at Edmond once more, then back to me, and then, before I had time to blink, dashed off and disappeared into the sea of dancers.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pierre's Rage

I walked out of the Room and looked around John was in Conversation with his sister Lilian who was Beaming at him, Eva was by her mother I couldn't See Lizzy and Amae her Eyes still red from our Argument was With her Husband then I found another Familiar Face Pierre making his way over to me.

"Rose ! how are you ?" Said Pierre shaking my hand though he looked as though he would have liked to hug me.

"Hello Mr.De Johns I am very well " I said

"Rose I thought we agreed to call each other by our Given Names "

"that was before I got Engaged Sir " I felt odd His eyes grew Wild Anger dwelt in them.

"you are Engaged ? " He said trying to control his temper.

"Yes" I answered Hoping John would come over to my rescue.

"Then Miss Morgans Will you do me the Honor of Taking a walk outside "

"But Sir Its pouring rain " My heart was beating wildly "John Help me " I thought I looked in his Direction he had spotted us and was making his way over.

"Well you didn't seem to mind when you went with that Mr.Kingsley " He Hissed

John was Half-way across the Room in a couple more minutes he would be there.

"That was because I was..." My voice Trailed away.

"Sir Leave Her alone " Said John In Stern Tones.

"Oh so This is him ? Miss Morgans I thought you would do Better then Get married to Mr John William Kingsley First son of Sir George Kingsley why he is A....... pompous man who has Everything he wants" Pierre's Word were Daggers each piercing my heart.

He left the Room with as much Dignity he Could muster.

"Rose did he hurt you? " Asked John His face Full of Concern.

"Only my heart but I know you can fix that " I said Quietly.

John Gently Kissed my Forhead .

"Well I know one thing " He said "I'd be lost without you ".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Kingsley's proposal

John Ushered me to the middle of the dance floor He Looked at me and Smiled I gave him a small smile back

"Miss Morgans I really must Talk to you about This Mr.De Johns Character " He said as we started dancing.

"Oh Really ? " I Asked My Temper rising a bit.

"He is not a suitable Companion for you "

"Why not? he is my Best Friends Brother I know him to be suitable " I Answered Blushing to a Bright Red.

"Rose you Cannot Marry him I will not allow it" He Said looking at me Tenderly.

"Sir I am not Engaged to him " I said Quietly.

"I Know you are not but the way you Look at him ! " . the dance Ended I Headed outside Eva Glanced in my Direction as I Left but didn't move towards me. It was Raining but I didn't care

"Rose Please! Rose Don't go " Called John as I started running.

The Gravel Crunched beneath my feet as I Ran I could hear John Running behind me .
in a Minute he grabbed my hand.

"Please ..Don't go" He said his face searching mine " I have Been trying to ask you since we met but I never could Ever since I saw your face I couldn't stop thinking of you I ask you now putting aside all of My Fathers Pride " He drew breath I was Afraid He wouldn't Continue.

"Will you be my Wife ? ". I looked at him his Red hair was drenched rain falling down on us.
My Heart Was Beating faster As I Said "Yes". I couldn't see anything before Me except a future with him This was Why I had thought about him more then Pierre.
John Slipped a Ring on my Finger and Kissed my cheek.

"You have made me the most happy man on earth Rose" He Said Beaming at me.

When we reentered the Ballroom heads turned to us in our Drenched clothing but I didn't care I was So Happy My Grand Mama rushed forward and took me out of the room.

"Why are you Wet Rose" Said my Grand Mama rapping a blanket around me.

"Becuase I was Standing in the Rain " I answered .

"What is that On your finger ? "

"Grand Mama I am Engaged to Marry John " I said gently. her face Transformed from Worried to Joyful.

"Oh God Bless you Dear Girl I knew you and John would be together!".

Our dance part 2

The music started, it was a slow waltz. Needless to say I was not happy about that.
Mr. Gould struck up a conversation, "You do not seem happy to see me."
"I don't see why I should." I said with defiances.
'Most girls are happy to receive a proposal." He said giving me a sly look.
"From gentlemen, yes." I retorted.
We turned and he caught my waist, looking into my eyes he asked, "I am not a gentleman?"
We twirled and went back to the starting position, "No, you are not." I said, a cold look creeping onto my faced.
Mr. Gould seemed to pale, "Why do you think that?"
"Because of the way you behaved when you asked for my hand, I never saw more ungentlemanly behavior."
"Do you favorer someone else?" He asked, his face turning red now.
I blushed as we twirled, "No."
A cruel look came to his face, 'Are you sure? Perhaps young Mr. Smith?"
I was tired of this talk, I blushed hotter at his comment, breathing heavily I knew my temper was rising, but the music did not stop.
"No!" I said between my teeth.
"Are angry Miss Darcy?" He was really going to far now. The music stopped, and moved as to go, but he caught my hand firmly. "Miss Darcy, your not going anywhere." He said.
"Mr. Gould I beg you to let me go!" Tears gathering in my eyes as I tried to struggle form his grip.
'Let go of her sir." A strong male voice said. His hand fell away but he did not move, "Sir, leave me alone."
"Go away." the voice said, and to my surprise Mr. Gould left. I looked up, my hear beating fast, I knew the voice.
"Come with me Miss Darcey." Captain Milton said gently holding out his arm, I took it.
He led me to Lee, who was standing with his father.
"What happened Lizzy?" Lee asked alarmed.
"Just give her some air, and suggest you ask Mr. Gould to leave." Captain Milton said and prepared to leave.
"Thank you!' I said, finding my breath again. He smiled and left.

Our Dance part 1

As Lee was called away, I went to see how Maria fared in my room. When I got there Eva and Rosie were giving her water and covering her with a light shawl. I walked over and smiled gently at Maria,
"How are you?" She sniffed and wipped her eyes,but said nothing. Eva looked apologetic, I squeezed her shoulder.
"Rest as long as you want dear." I said giving Maria a kiss on the forehead. "Let me stay here and you go down and dance." I said to Eva.
"No-" She began but I cut her off, 'Please Eva, it will be fine."
She got up and together she and Rosie went back down to ball room. It was not very long before Maria cried herself to sleep so I also went back down.
I entered the room, Rosie and Liza were dancing and I could not see Eva, nor Lee. I sat down next to Aunt Geogie, and we started up a lively conversation on the dancing.
Then put of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Gould coming towards me. I tried to apper absorbed in conversation, but he came over and asked me to dance.
I had no choise but to accsept him, and so I went put to the floor and preparied to dance with Mr. Gould.

My suspsion

I had not yet come down the stairs when I heard the noise of people rushing up the stairs. I ran and opened the door to see Liza and my cousin Eva coming up the stairs. Behind them was Mr. Gould, I saw with alarm he was carring my other cousin Mari. She appered to have fainted, but was reviving. I ran to Liza's side,
"What happened?" I asked.
"Maria has fainted, she apparently was in love with Lee, and he was not. She took him to seriously."
They hurried to my room to Maria in bed, but I stood a wild thought running through my head. I turned and fled down the stairs, I heard Mr. Gould call my name but I didn't listen.
Once in the ball room I sought out Lee, I asked Aunt Georgie but she said she had not seen him since Maria fainted.
Then I caught sight of him on the balcony, resting on the railing.
"Lee?" I called. He turned looking alarmed, then seeing it was only me he half smiled.
"Well Lizzy, come to lecture me?" he asked teasingly.
I walked over pity on my face, I touched his arm gently, "No Lee, I've come to talk to you."
"About Maria?" He asked bitterly.
"No..Yes in a way."
Lee started to say something but I shoock my head, "Lee, I do not blame you!"
He sighed and gave me a look of gratitude, "Thank you Lizzy, I could not bare it if you too were angry at me."
"Liza?' I asked. He nodded glumly, "I do not know what she more angery with, Maria fainting, or me "leading" her to this point. Which I did not!"
"I know that Lee. Maria has always been this way, there would be a time when she would learn that not every man is in love with her."
Lee half smiled again, he put his arm about my shoulders, "My dear little Lizzy, your just like another sister to me. You know me so well." And then he gave me a queer look, "Lizzy, do you know what's been on my mind for a long time?"
I was about to answer when Aunt Georgie called us to start the dancing.

Heartbreak Comes Quickly ~ Part 2

Mama gasped as Maria fell, all the color having left her face. Seemingly out of nowhere, two girls appeared to come to our assistance. I recognized cousin Rosie, my Aunt Mary's only daughter, but the other girl was unfamiliar. She had large blue eyes and pale blonde hair. 

"We must get her air," the unknown girl said to me, in a French accent. I nodded quickly, and helped her and Rosie support Maria's head. We lifted her to a couch out on the terrace balcony, from which we could still see the swirling dancers. I turned my head towards Rosie's French friend, wondering what her name might be. The girl was nervously twisting her hands in her lap, glancing nervously from Maria's ashen face on the pillow to Rosie's face.

"Eva..." Maria whispered hoarsely.

"I'm here, Maria," I answered.

To the others, I said, "We must move her to a bed. I am sure Lizzy will not mind us putting Maria in her room." Rosie nodded, glancing once more at Maria. "But none of us are strong enough to carry her!" I said despairingly. "Who can help lift her?"

"I would be honored to be of service, madam," a gentleman said. I whirled and looked up at a man I instantly knew to be Mr. Gould, the man cousin Lizzy seemed to admire very much a while ago, but now despised for some unknown reason. Her letters had given me a little insight as to his looks, and this gentleman matched the description exactly. 

"Yes, thank you, sir! She just fainted - lack of air, I think, a case of too many people in one room-"

"I can lift her to a bed," the gentleman said.

"Maria," I whispered to my sister. "This kind gentleman is going to take you upstairs, dear. I think you should lie down."

She nodded weakly and made no protests when he lifted her into his arms.

Cousin Lizzy met us on the stairs, a look of alarm on her face when she took in my sister, pale and sickly-looking, in Mr. Gould's arms.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Maria fainted. She apparently was in love with Lee and he was not in love with her. She took his actions too seriously."

We took Maria to Lizzy's bed, where she seemed to be reviving. I left her there in the care of Mama and a very trusty maid of my aunt's. Mr. Gould had bowed, introduced himself, expressed his wishes as to her speedy recovery, and then rejoined the party. Lizzy had also come in and convinced me to rejoin the dancers. I gave her a grateful smile and left. But I did not intend to dance... not right away, at least.

I looked for Rosie on the stairs, but I could not find her. Locating her among the many people in the ballroom would be impossible. That's when I heard a small whisper. I recognized the sound of the French girl's soft voice.

"It ees not possible, Rosie," she said. "And I do not want to leave him. I love him!" Her voice sounded like it was about to break.

"Amae," I heard Rosie say gently. "I am not forcing you to end your marriage. It is just that you are so young..." Her voice trailed off.

"I will be eighteen next summer," Amae said stoutly. "Zat ees old enough, is it not?"

"Yes, but this Mr. Hornburg does not seem to be the most admirable of gentlemen, convincing you to elope..."

"He is ze finest, Rosie! Ze best! You leave me alone!" I heard Amae sobbing as she ran away.

I went softly down the stairs. Rosie was sitting underneath the staircase, looking pale and worried.

"What is wrong, Rosie?" I asked.

She seemed about to turn, but changing her mind, faced me. Her cheeks were stained with tears.

"Amae... Amae eloped with a man by the name of Edward Hornburg. We just learned of this a few days ago. Her father is searching for her."

My face went blank with shock. "But she seems such a nice girl! How could she-"

"She is nice, Eva!" Rosie was quick to defend her friend. "It is just... well, I think this gentleman is very affective in persuasion. She seemed absolutely swept off her feet in love with him, and she will not listen to reason!"

"She is married to this man?"


"Then what is wrong? Is not that enough to help repair her honor?"

"Evelyn, listen! He is not a man to be desired! I know this Edward Hornburg!"

My face went pale.

The Ball

I stepped out of the Carriage looking at the grand house I heard Grand Mama say "Oh look at it The Nephew of Lady De Burgh lives in this house no more then your Uncle Dear Rose "

I heard her fiddle with her Dress trying to make it more grand then it was . My heart was beating in my throat as I entered Music was being played Dancers and their Partner My Grand Mama the Lady Dyrimple looked as though she was Seventeen like me.

"Oh Rose look over there it is my Nephew Edmond Kingsley Oh how well he looks Handsome to not like John at all John Inherated his mothers hair but Edmond looks like my Brother Very much Oh how good his Sister Lilian" My Grandmother Bustled over to a Handsome young man.

"Rose ma Chere how are vou ?" Came a voice behind me

"Amae? Amae !!! you're Papa and Brother have been looking all over London for you! Where have you been ?" I said Looking at Amae

"Rose I have veen vis my 'usband Edward Hornburg " Said Amae Gently

"Your Husband ? Amae you Married that man who took you away.." Words failed me

"Rose my fazer Vouldnt let me Marry him and ve loved each other very much Don't be Prejudice against me Rose I followed ...." We stopped talking because we heard A girl Exclaim "Leland !"

I found the girl who spoke next to a Woman who looked very much like my Aunt Lydia my mother showed me when I was sixteen.

"Leland " she said Again loudly.

Leland Smith turned around he Obviously wasn't very happy to see her the look on his face My heart went out to her . The girl Rushed over to him.

"Oh Lee its wonderful to see you - did you never get my letters? -I was so worried-why Leland what on Earth is the matter? "

He had withdrawn from the Embrace she had given to him Amae looked at Leland as though she wanted to rush over and tell him something very bold.

"Miss Wickham " he said stiffly so stiff he Reminded me of the first time I met Pierre "I never Encouraged any of this Behavior were did you get the idea I loved you? when did I ever give you reason to think that"

Amae looked at Leland with Disgust and great disdain .

The girl stepped back "But- but the Party-"

"I don't believe I was anything more than polite to you, Miss Wickham. I intended only courteousness, but I see you took more from my actions than I intended. I do not see how bringing you a towel when you spilled punch on your dress is love-" He stopped. "I am sorry, Madam. If you will excuse me." He bowed and walked away towards the Darcy's.

The girl shuddered then she collapsed a another girl rushed to help her.
Amae and I Also ran to help the girl .

"We must get her Air " said Amae to the other girl Who nodded we supported her out onto the balcony and gently set her down on a small sofa

"Eva.." Whispered the girl gently

"Im here Maria " Said Eva.

Heartbreak Comes Quickly ~ Part 1

I stepped quickly out of the carriage, turning to offer my hand to Maria to help her out of the vehicle as well. We had arrived at the Darcy's. Papa was standing as though he was strict and stern, but I knew he was pleased to be invited. Much had happened in the many years that had passed since Papa had attempted to elope with Aunt Georgie. Papa himself seemed to have changed; he was kinder and more generous. Uncle Darcy had cautiously invited him to this ball, in the hopes of renewing the friendship they had as boys. I smiled up at Papa, hoping that their camaraderie would be renewed this night.

Mama was beaming with pleasure that her daughters should be invited to such a fine ball, but she refused to admit that even a single piece of furniture was up to the standards of our home. "Tsk, tsk," she would complain. "This chair needs dusting," or "this sofa is entirely too fancy; quite spoils the sitting if one is always worried about ruining the furniture." Maria shot a sharp glance at Mama, her green eyes blazing. I knew that she did not want Mama to embarrass us even as much as I did. She pointedly brushed her gown and smoothed the ribbon in her hair. Nothing was to stop her from making her grand entrance tonight.

I too shook out my own gown, but not because I was worried about my entrance. I had overheard a conversation between a few gentlemen nearby, and I recognized one voice. The low voice of Mr. Kingsley rang back into my ears, and I blushed while trying to make myself look busy with my gown. Mama turned to me with a question in her eyes; I was not usually this awkward. I could tell that she was about to ask a question when I heard Maria scream.


All heads turned to look in our direction. I blushed furiously at the attention, but I forced myself to look at Maria. Many emotions played across her face at this moment. Surprise, joy, anger, shock, disappointment, I counted off each one as it left her face. Surely she did not have any emotions left. But with a wild shriek, she tore herself from Mama's arms and flung herself into the swirling dancers.

"Leland!" she called once more.

And he turned. His face was surprised, but not particularly pleased. I could see him manfully hiding his disgust as Maria rushed at him.

"Oh, Lee, it's so wonderful to see you - did you never get my letters? - I was so worried - why, Leland, what on earth is wrong?"

Leland Smith withdrew from her embrace with a slight prying of Maria's arms.

"Miss Wickham," he said stiffly. "I never encouraged any of this behavior! Where would you get the idea that I -" he choked on the word - "loved you? When did I ever give you any reason to think that?"

Maria stepped back. In a shaky voice she said, "But - but, at that party-"

"I don't believe I was anything more than polite to you, Miss Wickham. I intended only courteousness, but I see you took more from my actions than I intended. I do not see how bringing you a towel when you spilled punch on your dress is love-" He stopped. "I am sorry, Madam. If you will excuse me." He bowed and walked away towards the Darcys.

It happened so quickly I barely had time to draw a breath. Maria shook, shuddered. Her face grew wild with pain. And then she collapsed.

Enough Excitement to Last a Lifetime - Part 1

I heard the clock strike the hour, and I knew it was time to go downstairs for the ball. I turned once more in the mirror, looking for any flaw. I peered anxiously at my hair, then spun around as fast as I could and laughed at my own foolishness. Lizzy was still getting ready, but Liza had already gone downstairs. I loved the floaty feeling my dress gave me as I descended to the party below. I saw Leland and Liza already talking to the few guests that had already arrived, and as I glanced out the window, I saw my cousins' carriage pulling up the lane.
Feeling a little thirsty, I moved as elegantly as I could towards the dining room. The punch bowl was already out and filled and some little snacks had been set out. A young lady and two gentlemen were around the table drinking and laughing merrily. The younger gentleman turned around and I drew in my breath in surprise.

"Richard!" I cried.

"Rebekah!" He exclaimed. Forgetting for a moment the cup in his hand, he nearly spilled it as he ran over and gave me a big hug. The other gentleman grabbed it from him just in time and laughed heartily at my surprised.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, pretty much winded from the bear hug he'd given me. "I though you were back home!"

"I missed you too much, so I wrote James and he came and picked Margaret and me up in his carriage yesterday morning. We arrived late last night." That's when I recognized the young lady to be my sister Margaret and the other gentleman to be James. I thought I'd had enough excitement to last me a lifetime as I embraced Margaret and kissed her on both cheeks.

"You can't imagine how much I've missed you both!" I said, the tears standing in my eyes. "I've been lonely sometimes, missing my siblings."

"Have you enjoyed yourself?" Margaret asked, concerned.

"Oh, yes! But there's no place like home." I said with a sigh. Then I turned to James. "Thank you so much for bringing Meg and Dick here this evening."

"No problem. It was the least I could do." He replied with a gallant bow.

That comment struck me as strange, but I had no time to think about it because all of sudden a great commotion broke out in the front hall and we all hurried in to see.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attending the Ball

"My dear wife, I have some news for you, for all of you," announced Colonel Fitzwilliam at the breakfast table the next morning. "Though I am afraid that I shall be scolded when you hear what I have to say," he continued, looking gravely at his wife, though with a twinkle in his eye.

"Oh, I'm sure I could never scold you, my dear! But what is the news?" asked his wife. Anne and Catherine looked eagerly at their uncle,their mother and father subtly signaling to them to ask not questions.

"Well, my dear, I received an invitation to a ball, hosted by the Darcy's at their city house," he paused, as his wife exclaimed her delight, and Anne and Catherine tried to suppress their inquiries.

"When is it?" Mrs.Fitzwilliam asked almost as eagerly as Anne and her sister were looking their questions.
"Ah, you see, here is where I prepare to receive my scolding. It is tonight-I forgot to inform you earlier."

"Oh, my dear, that is bad, but not very bad. You see, I already refreshed my wardrobe and that of Anne's last week. So I am quite prepared. Prepared to prepare, that is. Thank you my dear, for remembering to tell us in decent timing before the actual event. Such old acquaintances as the Darcy's are! It shall be quite a grand event, I am sure. Will you be accompanying us, brother?" she asked, turning to Mr.Collins.

"Indeed, indeed, I should not have missed such an opportunity of seeing my cousin, or her husband and children. And I am , as Lady Catherine De Burgh most tactfully pointed out, when informing us of this position in London, most fond of balls and evening parties. Am I not, my dear?" He now turned to his wife,who was an interested listener.

"Oh, uh-yes, yes you are. Do you not remember that we first met at a ball? The ball at Netherfield, I believe it was. But, sister, brother, are we, my family and I, invited?" Mrs.Collins looked concerned.

"Yes, yes, sister do not concern yourself with invitation! I have already informed them that you are my guests, and unless you could be theirs also, I would not be attending." The Colonel smiled.

"Brother, you are too kind, indeed, I am astonished at your graciousness. Not because it is unexpected from you,' Mr.Collins said, with a sudden realization, "but because very few men would give up the pleasure of an evening's society." He finished with a slight bow.

"Well, my dears,"and Mrs.Fitzwilliam turned to her sister and nieces,"we must begin our preparations."

That evening, Anne stood before the full length mirror in the dressing room she shared with her sister. Carefully smoothing her dress, which was provided for through Lady Catherine De Burgh's generosity, she turned to face her sister.

"I wish you could come, Cathy!" she exclaimed softly, with a sigh."How shall I bear being a wallflower without you there to talk to? Though if you came, I dare say I would still be all alone, for you would not be without partner's." Anne sat down on a settee. Her sister laughed.

"There is no use in wishing, Anne. We know I cannot go, but I am not sorry, for balls sound like tedious affairs. In two or three years when I attend one, I am sure it will be worth it. But for now, I will console myself with the thought that they are troublesome and tiresome." Anne smiled, then rose as she heard her aunt calling her. Her sister walked down with her, to see her parents, aunt and uncle out, and to comfort the crying little ones by taking them to bed. 

As the full carriage rolled along the cobblestone, Anne's anticipation rose. Having never been in society, except that of church and an occasional celebratory party, she was also anxious that she should behave well. While thinking of these things, an unexpected thought came into her head.

"We are to return home soon. I must not attach myself to any gentleman." She started when she thought of Mr.Hamlington. "I must not think of such things! I am too young, and I barely know him! Though brother does, and is in love with his sister. Will they be there?  I wonder if I shall meet any of the Darcy or Bingley girls?They must be so accomplished! Mother will be glad to see Mrs.Elizabeth Darcy-I hope she may. Though uncle did say that some of the family were in town.We are here!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Invitation to Pemberly

I Entered the parlor and to my Surprise my Grand mama was In conversation with a man I had never set eye's on before.

"Good Evening Rose I was wondering where you were " Said Lady Dyrimple looking at me smiling

" I.. I was In the glade close to the woods" I answered my Glance going to the Gentleman

"Oh Rose This is John Kingsley from Plymouth son of Lord George Kingsley my Brother His Brother Edmond is in London" said my Grand mama.

" Nice to meet you Madam My Aunt has told me so much about you " He said with a stiff bow

"You have been invited to your Aunt Elizabeth's Ball And I dare say you shall go "

"but Grand mama I couldn't possibly leave Mama is sick "

"Tut tut I will have no Refusal you shall go to this ball " My Grand Mama's voice was firm and the look on her face I knew to well it was the same look that Convinced Papa to send me to France.

"Yes Grand mama " I answered Mr.Kingsly was watching this spectacle with Amusement I felt like flouncing from this room.

"You may go Dearest " Said Lady Dyrimple giving a flick of her wrist as dismissal.
I Left the room nearly bumping into Betsy and Jemima I ran down the hall way out into the yard

"Miss Morgans " Came the voice of Mr.Kingsley I had to turn around His Red hair reminded me of a doll I once had.

"Yes Mr.Kingsly?"

"I was wondering If you would do me the houner of Having Tea with me and my Sister ?"

"I would be Delighted " Though I added in my mind "Oh I wish I had something to do so I didn't have to go"

"Wonderful See you Tomorrow " He turned and headed back to the Mansion

My head spun Mixed feelings I asked myself "Do I love Pierre? or is it just Pity that makes me go to him ?" .

Miss Isabella Hamlington


"William, your uncle and I," began Mrs.Fitzwilliam, turning to her nephew at the dinner table the next evening, "have decided that, if it is agreeable to you, you must stay here until your parent's and sister's leave." She looked up into his face (he was decidedly taller than everyone except his uncle Fitzwilliam) with pleasant expectation of his delight.

"Well, um, aunt, that is most kind of you, but I think I must remain where I am- it is better to stay as close to my studying quarters." He looked down with unpleasant expectation of their disappointment.

"That is very wise," began Mr.Collins, beaming with pride at his son's dedication. His wife, on the other hand, was obviously disappointed, and Anne was on the point of exclaiming her protestations. Catherine was still and quiet. She feared her brother would always keep a distance.William looked at her questioningly.

"I understand," Colonel Fitzwilliam said in his usual agreeableness. "A young man must be dedicated to his work! Yes, indeed." They all smiled and nodded in agreement.

Later that day Anne and Catherine were busy at the piano,waiting for William to arrive after his study hours. Their parent's soon came in and listened to their playing. Some of their little cousins were about as well, amusing themselves with books and dolls.

"Mr.Hamlington and Miss Hamlington!" announced the doorman with a bang of the door. Anne blushed slightly-Catherine, noticing it, thought that her sister had been thinking too much about a certain person. Their aunt swiftly came in ushering the guests. Greetings were exchanged, and then Miss Isabella Hamlington took a seat close to Anne and Catherine.

"I am so pleased to meet you!" she exclaimed, looking from Catherine to Anne. "My brother seemed to be very impressed with you and your parent's." Isabella smiled sweetly.

"Thank you, your brother is very kind," Cathy replied."We did not know he had a sister until our brother, William Collins, mentioned it." Anne thought she saw Isabella blush faintly.

"Your brother is too kind. Yes, he and my cousin are good friends."

"I see," Anne said graciously, not wishing her to be uncomfortable."And your mother, I hope she is well?"

"Yes, thank you. We have a country seat, but my mother thought that the business of London would rouse her from her complaints."

"I hope it does," said Catherine kindly."We are returning to Hunsford at the end of the month."

"Ah, yes! You live in Lady Catherine De Burgh's parish, do you not? I think my brother mentioned it-yes, he said your father was very-enthusiastic about his Lady's generosity." Isabella looked down smiling. Catherine was not pleased with this last remark.

"Their are few people as grateful as my father," she said, looking down as well, but without a smile. Anne looked with surprise at her sister, and attempted to excuse her by saying,
"Lady Catherine is very kind to us. Are you acquainted with the Darcy family?"

"Yes! I am. Well, that is to say, I have heard of them, but have never been introduced. But, I think they are in town, that is, I think some of the family is. You see, Mr.Darcy's sister, Georgianna is to be married, and they are arranging her trousseau." Miss Hamlington looked proud of her knowledge of affairs.

Anne smiled with excitement. "How pleasant! I do hope we are able to see them. My mother and Mrs.Darcy were close friends-" At this moment, Mr.Collins came up to them hastily.

"My dears, did I hear the name of Darcy mentioned?" he inquired of Anne.

"Yes, you did father. Miss Hamlington was just informing us that some of the family are in town, preparing for Miss Georgianna's marriage."

"I see, I see. This is some news. Miss Hamlington, you will understand that Mr.Darcy is the nephew of the generous Lady Catherine De Burgh, upon whose beneficiary kindness my family and I depend. My dear sister in law Maria is married to Mr.Darcy's cousin as well, so we are quite closely connected," he concluded with benevolent smile.

"Indeed, that must be pleasant indeed," Isabella replied graciously. Mr.Collins walked away with a bow, and Isabella turned to Anne. "I had the impression that you had never met the Darcy's?"

"No, um, we have not. You see, we cannot often get away, and Mr.Darcy, when he does visit his aunt, it is usually briefly, and without his family."

"Yes," Catherine agreed."Though our parent's have met, the offspring has never, but we are quite anxious to. Are the Miss Darcy's very accomplished?"

"I must suppose they are, very. But they are not much talked of in London. They are more of rich country person's-they are not often in the city."

"I see," replied Anne and Catherine, nodding.

"Mr.William Collins!" announced the doorman, once again startling everyone in the room.

To be continued...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rose is devastated

Pierre's eyes were full of tears this was the first time I had seen his stony expresion he usaully wore crumble.

" My Father and I have tracked zem as var as London my father told me to ask you for more help Amae told you everyzing in her Vetters she must have told you about this man who persuaded her to Elope " He said as he Collapsed onto the ground.

In pity i knelt next to him and held his Trembling hands .

" Amae did say she liked someone " I said slowly Mr.De Johns looked at me hope shone in his eyes
" His name was Edward Hornburg she said he was tall handsome with blue eyes and black hair a firm chin but she only mentioned him twice "

"Miss Rose you have been a great help Merci Merci J'taime for you have told me some use full news "

My cheeks colored when he said "J'taime" I love you somthing only my mama ,Papa and Grand mama told me.

"Promise you will wright to me ?" I asked looking into his brown eye's

" I Promise Miss Rose " He answered with a swift bow

" Mr.De Johns to you I am just Rose"

"Ah Rose And to you I am Pierre" Bowing again he turned swiftly and left.
I leaned against the Oak and sighed.

"so many things to think about ".