Sunday, November 1, 2009

Karen Elizabeth Darcy

Hello, my name is Karen Elizabeth Darcy, though I prefer to be called Liza. I am tall with light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I am an adventurous young woman, not like my younger sister, Lizzy who is always reading a book. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy reading, it's just, the world has so much to offer and how can I enjoy it when I've got my nose stuck in a book? I'm quite sure that I am like no other in my family. My mother says I have a personality all my own. I am twenty two years of age and enjoy horseback riding, playing chess with one of my dear friends, Leland Smith. I also enjoy morning walks with Cassie, Leland's younger sister who is also one of my dearest friends. I share a room with my younger sister, Lizzy who's eighteen years of age. We are most different and that's what makes sharing a room with her so much fun. We hardly fight and we very rarely bicker over who's going to wear what dress. I don't really care what dress I wear, just as long as I won't feel trapped inside of it. Lizzy, on the other hand is quite different. I am more childish than Lizzy, though you'd think since I'm the older one I'd be mature, but I'm just not. I can't help it. There's too many things to do and see in life to be grown-up. Life is so much better when you look at it through a child's eyes. I do so hope you will enjoy your stay at Pemberly!


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