Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was a cool spring morning at Pemberly when I opened my eyes. Sitting up I blinked several times, checked to see if Liza was awake then pulled out the book I had under my pillow. I only had a few second before Liza was also awake. “Good morning!” she said between yawns. I looked up and smiled in response. “Lizzy always has her nose in a book” Liza grumbled while dressing. I jumped from bed and threw my arms around her saying, “I’m sorry dear Liza, I didn’t mean to ignore you!”
Liza hugged me back, “ there is nothing to forgive dear Lizzy’’ We both laughed and I knew peace had been restored. A half an hour later both Liza and I raced down to the room in which our parents were waiting to eat. Hugs went round as Liza and I bid our parents good morning. When we had finished we sat to eat, and the morning talk began.
“ You do not think the carriage will be needed to night do you dear?” asked Papa, vainly trying to hide a smile.
“No my dear, I do not believe so” replied Mama with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.
Liza and I looked at each other in horror, if Papa needed the carriage we could not go to the Smiths ball! The Smiths were very good friends, especially Leland and Cassie.
Then we caught the look on our parent’s faces, and realized they were teasing. They knew how long we had waited for this day. Laughter filled the room and the meal whent on merrily.


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Anonymous said...

I love it! :D Great beginning to the story! I'll write some more, too. :)