Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Afternoon With Rebekah

(the pic to the right is Liza by the lakeside)

Note from the author (Eldarwen): This is going to take place before Rebekah's last entry.

This afternoon Lizzy and Liza spent their time with Rebekah. They talked about so many things. The girls had a lot to catch up on. Rachel made a delicious lunch and everyone ate it by the lakeside. It was an absolutely beautiful day! After lunch, the girls played a wonderful game of crochet. When the game was over everyone packed up their things and headed back towards the house. It wasn't long before Liza's dear friend Leland Smith came riding up on his horse.
"Good afternoon, ladies," Leland said, dismounting the horse and taking off his hat.
The girls curtsied and bid him a good afternoon as well.
"Are you all excited about the ball tonight?" Leland asked, already knowing the answer.
Liza spoke up, "Should we be? Who would want to go to a silly ball?" The girls giggled and Leland smiled brightly.
"Well, then if the most beautiful woman in Pemberly won't join me, I guess I shall have to cancel the ball," Leland said, playing along.
"Well," started Lizzy, "I guess we could attend. If you really, really want us to."
Leland laughed and said, "I would be delighted!" Liza and Lizzy put the arms in Leland's, while Rebekah put her arm in Lizzy's and they all strode happily to the house.

When they arrived in the house, Leland asked Liza if she'd like to play a game of Chess. That was somewhat of a tradition whenever Leland visited Pemberly. Liza heartily accepted and walked merrily over to the chess board. They immediately started their game while Lizzy sat on the sofa listening to Rebekah play the piano. It was a lovely afternoon and after an hour or two with Leland, the girls decided they must get ready for the ball. They bid good-bye to Leland and dismissed themselves. Rebekah sat on her bed and wrote in her journal while Lizzy and Liza were giggling and laughing in excitement while showing Rebekah what they planned to wear. Rebakah excitedly jumped up and showed them her dress, too. The girls took each other's hands and spun around the room. They were laughing and making such a fuss that their mother, Elizabeth came up to check on them.

"My dears, what on earth is going on up here?" Their mother said peeking into the room cautiously.
"Nothing mother, dear. We're just so excited about the ball tonight. It's been such a long time since we've danced with some gentleman, that I fear I might have forgotten how," said Lizzy. Liza lay her hand on Lizzy shoulder and smiled at her.
"I do not think, dear Lizzy, that you could ever forget how to dance. It comes so naturally."
Lizzy smiled at Liza's compliment.
"Well," replied the girls' mother, "I shall leave you to your preperations." And with that Elizabeth walked out of the room and down the hall.

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Keturah said...

I watched that movie with my sister and a friend. It was fun and so was the movie. Lizzy was my fsvorite character. I remember this part of the movie!
Like your blog!