Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Wonderful Afternoon

I was seated next to Bryant at the tea table. Lee was sitting on the other side of me and he whispered something in my ear, "Don't eat the snacks Cassie made, they're atrocious." I giggled and recollected myself. We smiled at each other and Bryant cleared his throat.

"I meant to give this to you at the ball, but I couldn't find you after we departed," he said, holding up a white glove.

I blushed, "Thank you. I didn't even notice." He smiled.

"Liza, do you have a moment?" Lee asked me after lunch when everyone was playing crochet. I smiled and excused myself.

"Lee, I was in the middle of a conversation with Mr. Bryant. What is it?" I was quite anxious to get back to the game; more or less, to Mr. Bryant.

"I can't help but notice your sudden interest in Mr. Bryant."

I blushed and cleared my throat, "Lee, you must be ridiculous. He's simply a very talented young man. And very interesting."

"But Liza..."

I my feelings had been considerably rumpled by Lee's questions, so I cut him off with,

"Lee, I am just being nice. Please excuse me."

With that I swept back to the game and Mr. Bryant. After sitting myself back down I looked back at Lee through the corner of my eye. He stood where I had left him, he was looking at me with a hurt look in his blue eyes. With a small pang of remorse, I looked away and concentrated my mind on the game. Lizzy was my savior, for in she came with a stranger. A tall dark good-looking stranger. We met eyes across the room, hers were dancing.

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Eldarwen said...

Ooh, I love it! Great story, Lizzy!