Friday, June 4, 2010

Rose is devastated

Pierre's eyes were full of tears this was the first time I had seen his stony expresion he usaully wore crumble.

" My Father and I have tracked zem as var as London my father told me to ask you for more help Amae told you everyzing in her Vetters she must have told you about this man who persuaded her to Elope " He said as he Collapsed onto the ground.

In pity i knelt next to him and held his Trembling hands .

" Amae did say she liked someone " I said slowly Mr.De Johns looked at me hope shone in his eyes
" His name was Edward Hornburg she said he was tall handsome with blue eyes and black hair a firm chin but she only mentioned him twice "

"Miss Rose you have been a great help Merci Merci J'taime for you have told me some use full news "

My cheeks colored when he said "J'taime" I love you somthing only my mama ,Papa and Grand mama told me.

"Promise you will wright to me ?" I asked looking into his brown eye's

" I Promise Miss Rose " He answered with a swift bow

" Mr.De Johns to you I am just Rose"

"Ah Rose And to you I am Pierre" Bowing again he turned swiftly and left.
I leaned against the Oak and sighed.

"so many things to think about ".


Katie Wegner said...

Awesome story! i love reading it :)


Gianna said...

wow, can't wait for the next post!!

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