Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pierre's Rage

I walked out of the Room and looked around John was in Conversation with his sister Lilian who was Beaming at him, Eva was by her mother I couldn't See Lizzy and Amae her Eyes still red from our Argument was With her Husband then I found another Familiar Face Pierre making his way over to me.

"Rose ! how are you ?" Said Pierre shaking my hand though he looked as though he would have liked to hug me.

"Hello Mr.De Johns I am very well " I said

"Rose I thought we agreed to call each other by our Given Names "

"that was before I got Engaged Sir " I felt odd His eyes grew Wild Anger dwelt in them.

"you are Engaged ? " He said trying to control his temper.

"Yes" I answered Hoping John would come over to my rescue.

"Then Miss Morgans Will you do me the Honor of Taking a walk outside "

"But Sir Its pouring rain " My heart was beating wildly "John Help me " I thought I looked in his Direction he had spotted us and was making his way over.

"Well you didn't seem to mind when you went with that Mr.Kingsley " He Hissed

John was Half-way across the Room in a couple more minutes he would be there.

"That was because I was..." My voice Trailed away.

"Sir Leave Her alone " Said John In Stern Tones.

"Oh so This is him ? Miss Morgans I thought you would do Better then Get married to Mr John William Kingsley First son of Sir George Kingsley why he is A....... pompous man who has Everything he wants" Pierre's Word were Daggers each piercing my heart.

He left the Room with as much Dignity he Could muster.

"Rose did he hurt you? " Asked John His face Full of Concern.

"Only my heart but I know you can fix that " I said Quietly.

John Gently Kissed my Forhead .

"Well I know one thing " He said "I'd be lost without you ".


Elizabeth Rose said...

Aww, that was so sweet - "John to the rescue!" But I like Pierre a lot too, and I hate to read about him feeling sad... :(


Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

yeah I know Pierre is one of My fave Characters I have invented so far (not Including Rose ;)) well in the start he was deathly inlove with Rose so its a Natural thing but I knew he'd have to be a bit angry I had to add in his greif and now all I have to do Is make his Heart mended .

.don't worry I have a Great Ending For him he will get married thats one thing I'll tell you :).

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