Thursday, June 17, 2010

My suspsion

I had not yet come down the stairs when I heard the noise of people rushing up the stairs. I ran and opened the door to see Liza and my cousin Eva coming up the stairs. Behind them was Mr. Gould, I saw with alarm he was carring my other cousin Mari. She appered to have fainted, but was reviving. I ran to Liza's side,
"What happened?" I asked.
"Maria has fainted, she apparently was in love with Lee, and he was not. She took him to seriously."
They hurried to my room to Maria in bed, but I stood a wild thought running through my head. I turned and fled down the stairs, I heard Mr. Gould call my name but I didn't listen.
Once in the ball room I sought out Lee, I asked Aunt Georgie but she said she had not seen him since Maria fainted.
Then I caught sight of him on the balcony, resting on the railing.
"Lee?" I called. He turned looking alarmed, then seeing it was only me he half smiled.
"Well Lizzy, come to lecture me?" he asked teasingly.
I walked over pity on my face, I touched his arm gently, "No Lee, I've come to talk to you."
"About Maria?" He asked bitterly.
"No..Yes in a way."
Lee started to say something but I shoock my head, "Lee, I do not blame you!"
He sighed and gave me a look of gratitude, "Thank you Lizzy, I could not bare it if you too were angry at me."
"Liza?' I asked. He nodded glumly, "I do not know what she more angery with, Maria fainting, or me "leading" her to this point. Which I did not!"
"I know that Lee. Maria has always been this way, there would be a time when she would learn that not every man is in love with her."
Lee half smiled again, he put his arm about my shoulders, "My dear little Lizzy, your just like another sister to me. You know me so well." And then he gave me a queer look, "Lizzy, do you know what's been on my mind for a long time?"
I was about to answer when Aunt Georgie called us to start the dancing.


Katherine said...

What's been on his mind!!??


Elizabeth Rose said...

Lizzy, I'm getting shivers! Fantastic post!


Lizzy said...