Thursday, June 10, 2010

Invitation to Pemberly

I Entered the parlor and to my Surprise my Grand mama was In conversation with a man I had never set eye's on before.

"Good Evening Rose I was wondering where you were " Said Lady Dyrimple looking at me smiling

" I.. I was In the glade close to the woods" I answered my Glance going to the Gentleman

"Oh Rose This is John Kingsley from Plymouth son of Lord George Kingsley my Brother His Brother Edmond is in London" said my Grand mama.

" Nice to meet you Madam My Aunt has told me so much about you " He said with a stiff bow

"You have been invited to your Aunt Elizabeth's Ball And I dare say you shall go "

"but Grand mama I couldn't possibly leave Mama is sick "

"Tut tut I will have no Refusal you shall go to this ball " My Grand Mama's voice was firm and the look on her face I knew to well it was the same look that Convinced Papa to send me to France.

"Yes Grand mama " I answered Mr.Kingsly was watching this spectacle with Amusement I felt like flouncing from this room.

"You may go Dearest " Said Lady Dyrimple giving a flick of her wrist as dismissal.
I Left the room nearly bumping into Betsy and Jemima I ran down the hall way out into the yard

"Miss Morgans " Came the voice of Mr.Kingsley I had to turn around His Red hair reminded me of a doll I once had.

"Yes Mr.Kingsly?"

"I was wondering If you would do me the houner of Having Tea with me and my Sister ?"

"I would be Delighted " Though I added in my mind "Oh I wish I had something to do so I didn't have to go"

"Wonderful See you Tomorrow " He turned and headed back to the Mansion

My head spun Mixed feelings I asked myself "Do I love Pierre? or is it just Pity that makes me go to him ?" .


Lizzy Bennet said...

Very, very good! I love how you intermingled Edmond into Lady Dyrimple's family - it adds a new element to the story (sorry, I say that a lot! :)


Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

thnx Lizzy .

dont worry i say alot to :)


Miss Grace said...

I love Jane Austin, and this blog.

~Miss Grace~

for LOTR fans-

Sarah said...

This blog is really neat! I LOVE Jane Austen!!

Ms. Chyme said...

Hi! I just found your blog. And i love it.
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