Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Kingsley's proposal

John Ushered me to the middle of the dance floor He Looked at me and Smiled I gave him a small smile back

"Miss Morgans I really must Talk to you about This Mr.De Johns Character " He said as we started dancing.

"Oh Really ? " I Asked My Temper rising a bit.

"He is not a suitable Companion for you "

"Why not? he is my Best Friends Brother I know him to be suitable " I Answered Blushing to a Bright Red.

"Rose you Cannot Marry him I will not allow it" He Said looking at me Tenderly.

"Sir I am not Engaged to him " I said Quietly.

"I Know you are not but the way you Look at him ! " . the dance Ended I Headed outside Eva Glanced in my Direction as I Left but didn't move towards me. It was Raining but I didn't care

"Rose Please! Rose Don't go " Called John as I started running.

The Gravel Crunched beneath my feet as I Ran I could hear John Running behind me .
in a Minute he grabbed my hand.

"Please ..Don't go" He said his face searching mine " I have Been trying to ask you since we met but I never could Ever since I saw your face I couldn't stop thinking of you I ask you now putting aside all of My Fathers Pride " He drew breath I was Afraid He wouldn't Continue.

"Will you be my Wife ? ". I looked at him his Red hair was drenched rain falling down on us.
My Heart Was Beating faster As I Said "Yes". I couldn't see anything before Me except a future with him This was Why I had thought about him more then Pierre.
John Slipped a Ring on my Finger and Kissed my cheek.

"You have made me the most happy man on earth Rose" He Said Beaming at me.

When we reentered the Ballroom heads turned to us in our Drenched clothing but I didn't care I was So Happy My Grand Mama rushed forward and took me out of the room.

"Why are you Wet Rose" Said my Grand Mama rapping a blanket around me.

"Becuase I was Standing in the Rain " I answered .

"What is that On your finger ? "

"Grand Mama I am Engaged to Marry John " I said gently. her face Transformed from Worried to Joyful.

"Oh God Bless you Dear Girl I knew you and John would be together!".


Elizabeth Rose said...

Wow, that was quick, Rosie! So unexpected - I like it! :)


Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

I know I thought My Character should Marry Pierre but then I noticed they Didn't really go together

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Hey Very good!

Just i wish you put a little more suspense on the yes! Like a pause! I know its super hard and i am having challenges myself with my plots in the Notes from Elven Princesses forum!

But over really good job!

In Christ

Jo March said...

Nothing like an unexpected twist to the story to keep it interesting! :)