Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mama's sickness

Papa wouldn't let me in Mamas room this morning !

" Scarlet fever dearest I cannot risk you catching it " said Papa his face troubled.

"Papa that is dangerous for someone of Mamas age ! " I said my heart thumping loudly Papa just nodded worry was all over his face.

" Rosie I must must send you to My Mamas" He sounded as though his heart was broken. I nodded .

Papa ordered the carriage ,in minutes ( what more seemed like hours) it arrived at our gate I stepped into it with a heavy heart .

Lady Dyrimple greeted me when I entered

"My dear Rose I just heard what happened to your mother ! poor soul I will send Betsey and Amalia to assist her since they had Scarlet Fever when they were 4" She said with Feeling

" thank you Grand mama" I answered simply looking at the old Lady who had Married 2 Gentlemen a simple farmer and a Lord each had died leaving her heartbroken she was immensely rich.

I was put into a big room bigger then the one at "East Green Manor" .

it was a very warm day ,I noticed a small glade that looked very cool so I walked into it and sat under a tall Oak

"excusez-moi Mademoiselle but Ce la Maison De Madame est-Elle Dyrimple ?" Came French words .(Translation ex use me but is this the house of Lady Dyrimple

"what ? " I asked standing up and turning around I met a Handsome face I knew to well

" Pierre ! how is Amae is she alright why are you here ? " I asked looking at the face of my Best friends brother.

" Amae is ze reason Zat I am here she has Eloped !" His face was full of sorrow

" Amae elope ? but that does not sound like her at all Pierre " I was confused how could Amae do that ?.

To be Continued .......


Katie Wegner said...

I really enjoy reading what you girls write! it'as like reading a book :) .
Keep up the good work!


Marianne said...

Good job Rosie!

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