Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Dance part 1

As Lee was called away, I went to see how Maria fared in my room. When I got there Eva and Rosie were giving her water and covering her with a light shawl. I walked over and smiled gently at Maria,
"How are you?" She sniffed and wipped her eyes,but said nothing. Eva looked apologetic, I squeezed her shoulder.
"Rest as long as you want dear." I said giving Maria a kiss on the forehead. "Let me stay here and you go down and dance." I said to Eva.
"No-" She began but I cut her off, 'Please Eva, it will be fine."
She got up and together she and Rosie went back down to ball room. It was not very long before Maria cried herself to sleep so I also went back down.
I entered the room, Rosie and Liza were dancing and I could not see Eva, nor Lee. I sat down next to Aunt Geogie, and we started up a lively conversation on the dancing.
Then put of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Gould coming towards me. I tried to apper absorbed in conversation, but he came over and asked me to dance.
I had no choise but to accsept him, and so I went put to the floor and preparied to dance with Mr. Gould.

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