Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ball

I stepped out of the Carriage looking at the grand house I heard Grand Mama say "Oh look at it The Nephew of Lady De Burgh lives in this house no more then your Uncle Dear Rose "

I heard her fiddle with her Dress trying to make it more grand then it was . My heart was beating in my throat as I entered Music was being played Dancers and their Partner My Grand Mama the Lady Dyrimple looked as though she was Seventeen like me.

"Oh Rose look over there it is my Nephew Edmond Kingsley Oh how well he looks Handsome to not like John at all John Inherated his mothers hair but Edmond looks like my Brother Very much Oh how good his Sister Lilian" My Grandmother Bustled over to a Handsome young man.

"Rose ma Chere how are vou ?" Came a voice behind me

"Amae? Amae !!! you're Papa and Brother have been looking all over London for you! Where have you been ?" I said Looking at Amae

"Rose I have veen vis my 'usband Edward Hornburg " Said Amae Gently

"Your Husband ? Amae you Married that man who took you away.." Words failed me

"Rose my fazer Vouldnt let me Marry him and ve loved each other very much Don't be Prejudice against me Rose I followed ...." We stopped talking because we heard A girl Exclaim "Leland !"

I found the girl who spoke next to a Woman who looked very much like my Aunt Lydia my mother showed me when I was sixteen.

"Leland " she said Again loudly.

Leland Smith turned around he Obviously wasn't very happy to see her the look on his face My heart went out to her . The girl Rushed over to him.

"Oh Lee its wonderful to see you - did you never get my letters? -I was so worried-why Leland what on Earth is the matter? "

He had withdrawn from the Embrace she had given to him Amae looked at Leland as though she wanted to rush over and tell him something very bold.

"Miss Wickham " he said stiffly so stiff he Reminded me of the first time I met Pierre "I never Encouraged any of this Behavior were did you get the idea I loved you? when did I ever give you reason to think that"

Amae looked at Leland with Disgust and great disdain .

The girl stepped back "But- but the Party-"

"I don't believe I was anything more than polite to you, Miss Wickham. I intended only courteousness, but I see you took more from my actions than I intended. I do not see how bringing you a towel when you spilled punch on your dress is love-" He stopped. "I am sorry, Madam. If you will excuse me." He bowed and walked away towards the Darcy's.

The girl shuddered then she collapsed a another girl rushed to help her.
Amae and I Also ran to help the girl .

"We must get her Air " said Amae to the other girl Who nodded we supported her out onto the balcony and gently set her down on a small sofa

"Eva.." Whispered the girl gently

"Im here Maria " Said Eva.

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Katherine said...

Glad for some progress with Maria! Great job!