Monday, June 28, 2010

The Betrayer is Betrayed

I knew I would have to meet Edward Hornburg eventually this was my chance He was looking wounded and Angry though .

"why does he Look Angry " I thought. "I must find Pierre He will help me " was my final conclusion. looking around I found Eva her cheeks were Tear stained the Gentle-man with her looked like John minus the Red hair.

"Eva? what is wrong? " I asked Going over to her.

"you were right Rosie Edward Hornburg is a Tyrant and a Betrayer he pretended to be Ed.. I mean Mr.Kingsley " Eva looked nervous as she told me

"I must find Pierre" I whispered.

I searched the crowed and found him Looking regretful I Made mt way over to him .

"Pierre I found the man who convinced Amae to elope " I said in a hushed voice.

his face imediatly changed to Expetancy.

"Were is he? " said Pierre looking around. I beckoned him to follow me Edward Hornburg looked at me with distaste.

"So its you ? " he sneered at me.

"Yes I must tell you that if you lay your hands on any of my Cousins ,Relatives and Friends I will hunt you down and I will not be so Forgiving as I am about to be " I said Lightly as though this was perfectly wonderfull.
Pierre looked at me and gave me a big smile.

"And if you Tuch my Little Sister Again you will as you are now Face the law and be in jail " Said Pierre.

"Pierre ? Rose ? vat are vou doing to my 'Usband? " I turned to see Amae her eyes full of tears.

"Amae don't cry " Said Mr.Hornburg pretending to be Tender but I saw a Flicker of hate in his Eyes.

``Amae dont go to him he is a Liar and a cheat `` I pleaded . Amae looked at Edward then at me then at Pierre and back again.

`Edvard Vat are vou doing ` asked Amae looking at him he was trying to sneak out of the room.

Pierre led him out of the room and came back and said to me `` May I ask who the girl who fainted was ``.

``Maria she is my cousin now don`t you get any idea`s yet `` I said his face broke into a smile .

``you are just like another sister Rosie `` ..

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