Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our dance part 2

The music started, it was a slow waltz. Needless to say I was not happy about that.
Mr. Gould struck up a conversation, "You do not seem happy to see me."
"I don't see why I should." I said with defiances.
'Most girls are happy to receive a proposal." He said giving me a sly look.
"From gentlemen, yes." I retorted.
We turned and he caught my waist, looking into my eyes he asked, "I am not a gentleman?"
We twirled and went back to the starting position, "No, you are not." I said, a cold look creeping onto my faced.
Mr. Gould seemed to pale, "Why do you think that?"
"Because of the way you behaved when you asked for my hand, I never saw more ungentlemanly behavior."
"Do you favorer someone else?" He asked, his face turning red now.
I blushed as we twirled, "No."
A cruel look came to his face, 'Are you sure? Perhaps young Mr. Smith?"
I was tired of this talk, I blushed hotter at his comment, breathing heavily I knew my temper was rising, but the music did not stop.
"No!" I said between my teeth.
"Are angry Miss Darcy?" He was really going to far now. The music stopped, and moved as to go, but he caught my hand firmly. "Miss Darcy, your not going anywhere." He said.
"Mr. Gould I beg you to let me go!" Tears gathering in my eyes as I tried to struggle form his grip.
'Let go of her sir." A strong male voice said. His hand fell away but he did not move, "Sir, leave me alone."
"Go away." the voice said, and to my surprise Mr. Gould left. I looked up, my hear beating fast, I knew the voice.
"Come with me Miss Darcey." Captain Milton said gently holding out his arm, I took it.
He led me to Lee, who was standing with his father.
"What happened Lizzy?" Lee asked alarmed.
"Just give her some air, and suggest you ask Mr. Gould to leave." Captain Milton said and prepared to leave.
"Thank you!' I said, finding my breath again. He smiled and left.


Katherine said...

ooohHhhhh!!!!!! I really like this part!


Elizabeth Rose said...

Me too! Great job, Lizzy!


Jo March said...

Captain Milton to the rescue! (I love this!)