Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surprise Encounter

This part of the story takes place after this post and before this post.

In front of us, standing on the path, two men were standing. One was dressed in the normal, fashionable dress of London society, the other was dressed in military attire. They were both tall, and carried themselves with dignity.

"James and Lee?" Liza breathed. "What are they doing here?"

"James wasn't supposed to arrive for another three days, and Leland was at home just a little while ago."

"And why are they meeting? I never knew they were such particular friends."

We had been standing at the head of the path during this conversation and the young men were about fifty paces ahead of us, also standing still. Now one of them turned and saw us.

"Rebekah, Liza, what a surprise!" Leland's voice carried clearly to where we stood. "I did not know you were planning on walking today." Liza and I looked at each other and exchanged a smile. "Bekah, your friend James is here, he arrived here just this morning." They began to walk towards us.

"I wish people would stop referring to him as *my* friend James. He's more of a friend to my entire family." I whispered Liza as we walked towards them.
"Most *people* pair you two together, like they pair Leland and I. I wish they wouldn't do that me either." she whispered back.

"Rebekah, a pleasure." Leland bowed to me, then turned to Liza. "Liza, may I escort you home." Liza glanced at me and smiled again, before taking Lee's offered arm.

"And may I escort you?" James asked me.

"Why thank you, I'd be happy to have you escort me home." I smiled. "What a surprise this is! I had no idea you were coming to London so soon!"

"I didn't want to risk missing the ball that your uncle and aunt are hosting on Friday. Speaking your aunt and uncle, isn't that them over there?"

"Yes! I nearly forgot. Liza!" I turned to my cousin. "We need to tell your parents that we're going home with Lee and James."


Katherine said...

I still keep thinking that Liza, Lizzy, and Bekah went to London by themselves with Aunt Georgie! Agh! Hopefully now its cemented in my head.
Great post, I always love Liza's and Bekah's relationship. And Lee is so obvious! hee hee

Another cliffhanger unhung! Yay!


Lizzy Bennet said...

Nice! Great job, Bekah. So... you and your "family friend" hmm? It's getting VERY interesting...

(I'm just teasing you)

Jo March said...

Thanks....*very interesting* is right :P You never know where I may take this though! :)