Friday, May 28, 2010

Rose Ivangelean Morgans

I am Rose ( but you can Call me Rosie) I am the Daughter of Mary (Bennet) Morgans and George Anthony Morgans . I wish I had a brother or sister Papa and Mama say " It is up to God Rosie" every time I ask " Why can't I have a little sibling ?".

My friends call me musically talented since I can play the piano forte in Lady Dyrimples house . Lady Dyrimple is my Grandmama she doesnt have a Daughter of her own so she has taken me "under her wing" Papa sends me to her house four times a week were I read to her and play the Piano forte .

I have 1 friends since my time is taken for becoming a "Young Lady" she is from french school I spent two years in france becuase Grandmama thought it important and what she thinks goes .

Amae and I wright to each other five times a week keeping up our long distance friendship.

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