Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lizzy is overwelmed

In the week that followed our house was full of presents and well-wishers. It was physically draining for me, as I seemed to be the person who everyone talked to. I seemed to have written on my forehead "Here is a nice quite girl who listens."
Besides this, there was the packing to do, and getting ready for our party. At times, a sadness would come over me, my dear Aunt Georgie would be a married woman in a fortnight. She would no longer go on walks with Liza and I, she would not come and spend nights in our room, and no longer play so beautifully at the piano-forte for us. I had gotten so used to having her, that it was painful to give her up, even for such a wonderful man as her fiance.
I looked out the window onto the busy London street, I pressed my forehead against the cool panes. Outside Liza waved, she and Becka had just come back from church, for it was Sunday. I had stayed home on account of a headache. I smiled back, and slowly left my spot and went down to see my sister and cousin.
Both girls where in high sprites, laughing and chattering. I joined a little, but mostly watched them, with a half happy half sad look.
"What is it Lizzy?" Liza asked concerned.
I looked at them both tears welling up in my eyes, I went over and hugged them both tightly saying,
"I you both so much, that both must be married happily, or else I will never be able to bear losing you!''

"Oh Lizzy!" Liza hugged me back, "Don't worry about that."

I laughed whipping away tears, "I know its silly, its just I'm Aunt Georgie so much."

Becka and Liza, nodded, "Yes." They said in agreement.

"Let's get back to packing" Liza suggested.

The door opened, and Aunt Georgie looked in with a motherly smile, "I see you girls are hard at work. But could I borrow Lizzy for a minute?"

I looked surprised, but followed, my Aunt down the stairs and to the small sitting room.

"Here I leave you."

"What?" I said alarmed.

"There is a gentleman in there to see you." she explained.

"Who?" I asked, my heart beating wildly.

"Mr. Gould." Aunt Georgie answered.

My face fell, "Must I?" I begged her.

"Yes, go."

That was it,I had to go in and see Mr. Gould, I straighted my dress and pulled back my shoulders and walked into the room.

(To be continued)


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Sorry this is Lizzy on my sister's profile!

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Wow, Lizzy, that was great! But why is she disappointed to see Mr. Gould? I thought they were friends...

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Because she was thinking that the man in the room was someone else. Someone she liked wonder who. lol

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