Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Excitement is Brewing

It was the night of the most glorious ball of the season. Uncle Darcy had decided to throw a ball. And not just any ball. This was a splendid occasion, to be held in the Darcys' luxurious townhouse. I got shivers down my spine every time I thought of it.

But something unsettled me that evening as I watched Maria dress for the party. She was wearing her silver-gray silk, and her curls were piled on the top of her head, extreme in their curliness. I had never gotten the chance to have a discussion with Maria regarding her strange behavior as of late, because the minute I stepped in after Edmond rescued me, Mama rushed her off to get new clothes for the ball, this silk gown among them. I had used the excuse of my ankle to stay home.

 Maria seemed to be back to normal, but a slight anxiety seemed to reign in her mind. Her hands fluttered anxiously and something seemed to be awry.

"What is wrong, dear?" I queried softly.
"Oh, nothing, Eva," Maria said, swiftly turning towards her jewelry box, so as to conceal her face. "Do you know where my silver chain is? I cannot seem to find it."
I realized that she was changing the subject, so I answered simply, "I believe it's on your nightstand, Maria."
Maria was almost dressed when Mama came in and motioned for me to come with her. "There are flowers at the door for you, dear," she said confidentially. Suddenly I felt my face grow warm.
"Here," Mama said, pressing a card into my palm. Then, with a beckoning motion to the servant, who was standing by the door, holding a bouquet of flowers, she whispered to me, "I believe it is from Mr. Kingsley."
I gasped at Mama's knowledge, then quickly glanced at the card she had put in my hand.
"Miss Evelyn," it said...

"I know not even your last name, and yet I know full well that my heart doth tremble when mine eyes see you. I hope that you will accept these roses as a token of my admiration." The note was signed "Your rescuer."

I frowned. Something about this note did not reflect the kind gentleman who had carried me home just yesterday. And the romantic, old-fashioned terms, though pleasing to the eye, did not seem very like the Edmond I knew. Mama did not notice my expression, for she was still exclaiming over the gorgeous roses, of which there seemed to be over a dozen. For a moment I forgot my misgivings in my rapture over the roses. They were gorgeous. I decided to wear one in my hair tonight.

The gown I planned to wear tonight was a deep emerald green. It shimmered as I put it on, contrasting beautifully with my dark curls and pulling out the green in my eyes. It was done in the new style, with a lower waist and sweeping train. I sighed in satisfaction as I glanced at myself in the mirror.
"Eva! Come quickly, dear! The carriage is here!"
I turned to place one of the roses in my twisted ringlets, then rushed from the room. I expected the door to slam sharply behind me, but it only closed with a soft thump. I didn't pause to go back and check what had caused that; instead I tripped daintily down to the waiting carriage. Maria was there, her cheeks a brilliant red from the chilly night and her curls piled on the top of her head. The night was dusky and romantic, and this time I felt both.

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Katie Wegner said...

Awesome! Very well written Lizzy :).
It's almost like reading a book :), but it's on the computer :)