Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lizzy is overwhelmed (continued)

This post is before the Darcy's ball

I walked in slowly, Mr. Gould was standing by the fireplace. As soon as I came in, he rushed over to my side, fell on one knee and said "Miss Darcy! Have come here hoping that you end my deep torment and marry me."

My mouth dropped open and a deep blush flooded my face, "Sir, have not...I do not understand you?''

He stood up and grabbed my hand, "From the moment I saw I loved you! I have been waiting to tell you this, please marry me!''

Gently I took my hand away from him and moved over to a chair, sinking down in it I looked at Mr. Gould with puzzled expression. This did not seem like the man I had first met, there was something different, but I did not know what it was.

"Do you keep me in agony?" He said dramatically.

"Sir, of course not!" I said alarmed.

"Then," Mr. Gould came closer, "Will you marry me?"

For two horrible minutes I was tempted to accept and put him out of his pain, then I saw something in his eyes that disturbed me.

"No, no Mr. Gould I will not marry you. And interrupt me!" I said giving him cold look, " Sir I was tempted to accept, but you have behaved very badly. Indeed I do not know what to make of you."

I saw his face go scarlet, and murderous look crept into his eyes, I paled. Seeing this, Mr. Gould changed his manners. Putting on his gloves and hat, he said, "I will again."
It was almost a threat, "Good day Miss Darcy!" And he walked out of the room, into the hall, brushing aside our maid and left.

I stood there dazed, until I noticed that my hands were trembling. With an effort to stop them, I left the room and headed back to where my sister, cousin and I had been packing.

Aunt Georgie must have told them a gentleman had come to see me, for they sat silently, waiting for me to tell them what had happened.
I sat down and quietly told them all that had transpired, when I finished, Aunt Georgie said,

"Dear if I had known that he would act so I would not have let you go in."

Liza stormed, "That abominable man! How dare he treat you so! If Lee were here this would not have happened."

I laughed, "Liza, Aunt Georgie, don't worry about me. It does not matter, I did not care for him that much."

They looked at me quizzically, but said nothing. I blushed at there stares, but got up and finished my packing.

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Lizzy Bennet said...

Oh, such a sudden change of events, Lizzy! I was under the impression that you DID like Mr. Gould. Hmm, very mysterious...