Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My visit part 2

I stepped out into the chilly morning air of London, the air was filled with all noise of every kind. I began at a brisk pace. Miss More's little house was not far from ours. Soon I was it ahead, it was a little cottage almost, such as one might see in the country. I waled up and knocked at the white door. Miss More's only servant, Sarah, opened up the door.

"Oh morin' Miss Darcy! Do come in."

"Good morning Sarah."

"Who is it Sarah girl?" Miss More asked.

"Lizzy Darcy Ma'am!"

"Lizzy?! Well show her in!"

"Come on miss." She said with a wide grin.

I came into the bright sitting room, Miss more was sitting in a low chair by the fire, when she saw me her face brightened.

"Lizzy! I was hoping you would come." Her face fell, "No likes to visit an old lady like me. But your here!" Her face brightened once more. Miss More was by no means young, indeed she was over fifty. She had gray hair, bright blue eyes and red cheeks.

"How have you been Mary?" I asked.

"Fine enough. But I haven't been able to get out much."

"That's to bad."

Mary's round red lips formed into a pout as she agreed with me, "Yes, yes indeed it is," then to Sarah she said, 'Sarah bring the tea."

Soon I was sitting, with a shawl about my lap (so I would not get a chill), a steaming cup of tea in hand, and was listing to the latest gossip.

Mary patted my hand and said with a happy sigh, "'Tis so good to be with you again."

"I am happy to be with you too Mary."

Just then Sarah came in again, "Ma'am, your nephew is here."

" Francis? Here? My goodness show him in!"

I sat straight, wondering who this Francis was. My hand flew to my mouth in utter surprise when in walked Mr. Gould! The man I had met in the Smith's library.

He seemed very surprised to, though he quickly over came it. With a wide grin he stepped forward, kissed his aunt's hand and bowed to me.

"My aunt did not tell me you where here Miss Darcy, but it is very pleasant to see you again."

Mary looked at us both and asked, "You have met?"

"Yes Aunt," said Mr. Gould sitting down next to Mary, "We met at a party."

I then ventured to speak, "How are you Mr. Gould?"

"Oh please, none of this Mr. Gould, my name is Francis. But, I have been very well, thank you Miss Darcy. I trust you too have been in good health?"

"Yes M...Francis. I am in a very good state of health."

"Good, good." Francis said looking very pleased.

Then turning to his aunt, Francis began a conversation with her, giving her all the family news.

This made me very uncomfortable, listing in on family matters, that as soon as there was a brake in their talk I said,

"I must go now, Mary I had a wonderful stay."

"So soon dear?"

"Yes." Francis stood up, "I am sorry you have to go so soon. Might we have the pleasure of seeing each other again?"

"I hope so." I said, giving him a smile.

"Good. Might I escort you home?"

"Oh no," I said hastily, "You must stay with your aunt. We will see each other again. Good by."

I gave Mary a kiss in the cheek and walked to the hall, took my bonnet and shawl, and once more stepped out into London.


Katherine said...

Oh My goodness! Love what you did here! You wrote it so well, I felt like I was watching a movie!

yours truly,

Jo March said...

Lovely twist in the story! I agree Katherine, just like watching a movie! :)

p.s. I'm *going* to get something up here TODAY! :P

Lizzy said...

Great Jo I can't wait to read it!
Thanks girls!

Lady Scribbles said...

It is a small world isn't it! Hahaha loved this chapter.