Monday, April 5, 2010

The wheels are a'rolling

I looked out the window of the carriage upon the moors. IT was almost midnight and Liza lay against me sleeping. I smiled at Bekah, who had just put down a book.
"Do you think we will be there soon Auntie?" I asked my Aunt Georgina who sat next Bekah.
"I don't know dear," she answered, "I hope soon." She added to herself.
I perused my lips then went back to looking out the window. The moors flew past, barely see able. The moon was hidden in dark rain clouds, and a sharp wind blew. I looked at my family again and said in a sad voice.
'It’s going to rain."
"Yes I believe so." Bekah said, neither of them noticed my tone. In her sleep Liza mumbled something. I put my arm around her and sat, my eyes clouded over as I thought.
"Go to sleep dear." Aunt Georgie advised. So, feeling there was nothing else to do, I closed my eyes, trying to sleep.
With a jolt I awoke.
"Here we are dears." Aunt Georgie said, gently shaking Bekah who was also asleep.
"Liza." I whispered.
"Hum...?" She mumbled.
"We are here dearest."
"In London?"
"Yes, come we must go into the inn."
Liza sat up and rubbed her eyes and got out of the carriage. I juped out and put my arm around my sister. The roads of London were muddy as usual. A young porter held a torch which was not nearly enough light. I looked up at the inn. It was tall and newly white-washed.
"It looks nice." I said to myself.
"What Lizzy?" Liza asked me, barely awake.
"Nothing, let's go inside." She nodded.
Soon we were in warm beds, I lay awake for sometime after the others had gone to sleep.
"Well, here we are." I said, and went to sleep.


Katherine said...

Great job creating the mood-I love the personality you gave it.
Can't wait till she wakes up tomorrow! ;)


Lizzy Bennett said...
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Lizzy said...

Me too Katherine!

Eldarwen said...

Lovely addition to the story, Lizzy!