Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lizzy's thoughts

As soon as we got to our town house I ran straight to my room. Throwing off my coat and bonnet I threw myself on the bed. Covering my face with my hands I thought.
Why did I act like that? There is no reason for it! It was simply not rational. How is it that Captain Milton can cause such confusion?
Then a horrid thought struck me, I am I in love? Blushing my thoughts screamed, NO! I AM not in love! It can not be so.
Getting up I went to my toilet table and looked myself in the mirror. One by one I took the pins that held my bun fast. My golden-red curls framed around my face. Twisting my hands I thought some more.
You must change your behavior Lizzy! My thoughts said fiercely, You can not arouse gossip.
I looked at the gold chain my mother had given me on my sixteenth birthday.
What would mother do if she were me?
"Lizzy! Come down for dinner?" Liza called.
"Coming!" I answered. I stood up and opened up the door, running out I joined the rest at the table.


Katherine said...

LOVE this part!!! Great job!

Lizzy Bennet said...

Ooh, this is getting very interesting!