Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Introducing Evelyn Grace Wickham

How are you doing today? My name is Evelyn Grace Wickam, but most of my close friends just call me Eva. My mother is the infamous Lydia Bennet Wickam, notorious for eloping with my father, George Wickam. Mama seems to feel that the attention she received after the elopement (in my mind, bad attention) is lovely, but I feel otherwise. Anyone will tell you by looking at my mother and I that we are related; we could be twins. I have her same ringlets (although mine are several shades darker) and gray/green eyes. However, I sometimes feel that we could not be more opposite in personality. I love the outdoors, I love reading, and I am quiet. My mother considers me a great beauty, and she is anxious to have me wed to a gentleman of extensive fortune... but that is what I despise. Sometimes I wish I had been born plain - if it would just make Mama leave me to choose my own future husband.

Papa is distant towards me - when he is home, which is not often. He is most commonly to be found a great distance from our house, traveling for "his work" as he says. Perhaps if he were around more often I would be able to have a better relationship with him, perhaps we would be able to understand each other better. Alas, that is not likely to happen soon. "It's is not so easy for the leopard to change his spots."

Aunt Lizzy and Aunt Jane are positively lovely. I wish I was their daughter - perhaps like Cousin Bekah or Lizzy and Liza. That would be wonderful; there is just something about my aunts, Auntie Jane especially, that makes you want to pour your heart out to them. They comfort me in my times of turmoil, when I feel like I utterly despise my mother. They grew up with Mama, so they understand how I feel.

Alright, I fear I will wear out my welcome by going on much longer. You know all that you need to know about me - I will let you figure out the rest. Thank you for taking the time to read my story!



Katherine said...

Ah, welcome!! I myself have been recently added, and play the parts of Anne and Catherine, the daughters of "Cousin Collins". I never thought of Lydia Wickham's daughter as a good girl (the apple never falls far from the tree) but I see in this instance I am wrong ;) I look forward to this girl's story- we have an abundance of fun ahead, and I can't wait to read the rest. I am really enjoying all the different forms of narration being used!

Anne (or Catherine, if you prefer ;)

Lizzy said...

Welcome cousin! Great intro.

Philly Farmgirl said...

Ah wonderful introduction. I look forward to seeing more of Eva. A child of Lydia and Wickam is particularly interesting to me.