Thursday, April 8, 2010

What we did first

It was decided after we moved from the inn to our much nicer town house that we would go shopping. It did not take long for us to re-pack our trunks and ready them for moving. Aunt Georgie said she would accompany the luggage and take a nap, but we could go and have fun.
Liza and I stood arm in arm as we waved till the carriage was out of sight. As soon as we could see it no more the three of us girls tied our bonnets and on off we went.
“What are you going to get Liza?” I asked.
“I was thinking of trimming for my bonnet.”
“The one for the wedding?” Bekah asked.
“Yes that one.”
The shop was a small one, but it had good prices, and soon we trying on hats and looking at ribbons.
I pulled out a purple silk ribbon and pined it on my hat.
“What do you think?” I asked the others.
“Turn around Lizzy.” Liza commanded.
I did so slowly, and then I stopped my mouth opened with surprise.
“It looks wonderful Lizzy,” Liza told me as she turned back to her own things.
It took a few seconds to calm myself, then I hurried to Liza. Taking her arm I rested my head on her shoulder. She turned to me alarmed, “Lizzy dear what is it?”
“Captain Milton is here.” I said in a whisper.
“He is?” Liza said with eyes wide.
“What is it girls?” Bekah had just come over.
“Lizzy has just seen Captain Milton.”
“Oh,” Bekah said, “Lizzy do fill ill? You’re as pale as a ghost!”
“You don’t look well.” Liza confirmed.
“Maybe I should go back with Aunt, but…” I hesitated, “Is he still out there?”
Liza looked for a second then answered, “I can’t see him.”
“Alright." I agreed to leave.
Taking me by the arm Liza led me outside. Bekah hurried after us and took my other arm.
“I’m sorry Liza, truly I am.”
“Oh don’t worry Lizzy!” Liza said with a laugh.
“Liza!” Bekah said with a start. We looked to see what caused this, and it was none other than Captain Milton, standing right in front of us.
He bowed, “Miss Darcy, Miss Bingley, and Miss Lisbeth.”
We curtsied, and not knowing what to say we stood there mute.
“Are you going somewhere?” He asked.
“My sister Lizzy is not well, we are taking her home.” Liza answered.
The captain looked alarmed,
“I’m sorry, may I offer you my carriage?”
“Oh no…” I began, but Bekah cut me off with, “Yes thank you captain.”
“Very well, I’ll call it.” And off he went.
As soon as he was out of sight I said, “Bekah?!”
“Lizzy it will be fine and it will be shorter.”
“Oh.” Was all I said. Captain Milton was back in a matter of minutes with his carriage.
“Hanson will take you home and then return to me. He is a good driver, you have no need to worry.” The captain said as he helped us in.
“Are you not coming?” Liza asked.
“No, I have other matters to attend.”
“Oh, well thank you then.”
“Your welcome. I hope you feel better Miss Lisbeth.” He looked at me with something in his blue eyes.
I manged a small smile.
“Good day then.” And Captain Milton left us.
The carriage moved slowly though the streets of London, and I rested my head on the door.
“See Lizzy, what did I tell you?” Bekah said with a smooth of her skirt that set us all laughing till we reached home.


Lizzy Bennet said...

Ooh, chills, Lizzy!

Jo March said...

Aren't I sensible? :)


Lizzy said...

yes you are Bekah!
Thanks Eva!

Katherine said...

Haha you girls. What a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eldarwen said...

That was a great chapter, dear Lizzy! :)


Marianne said...

Great Lizzy!

Lizzy said...

Thanks Auntie! lol