Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My visit part 1

The next morning I was a little late in waking. Lottie our maid brought me breakfast in bed, a treat for me! With a sigh and a smile I put away my book and ate a few more bites. Liza came up from a walk in the garden,
"Good morning Lizzy! How are you?"
I gave her smile, "I'm fine Liza."
Liza looked at me with a little frown, but said nothing.
"Lottie!" I called.
"Yes miss?" Lottie came in from Becka's room, which adjoined our room.
"Can you get out my warmest stockings?"
"Yes miss."
I walked to my closet and pulled out my dark Velvet red dress, holding it for Liza to see I asked
"Is it alright?"
"Yes dear, but where are you going?"
I answered as I pulled the dress on, "You remember my friend Miss More?"
"The um...oh! Miss More the unmarried lady that you visit when we are in London right?"
"Yes that one."
Lottie came with my stockings and I slipped them on my cold toes. Sitting down at my dressing table I brushed my matted hair, till the red-gold cruels shown. Then I took the sides of my hair and pulled it back, securing it with a gold pin.
Lottie then came with my plaid jacket and boots, after putting these on I stood up and made for the door
I stooped and turned, "Yes?"
She ran over to me and gave my a tight hug, 'Remember I'm always here. To talk with you."
I drew back a little then smiled, "I'm fine Liza, nothing is wrong with me. I have to go now." Hugging her back I ran out and into the streets of London.

(to be continued)

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Lady Scribbles said...

Aww Liza is so caring.