Saturday, April 10, 2010


As soon as Liza saw Lizzy's red face, stained with dried up tears she knew it must have been about Captain Milton. Liza knew her sister so well. She walked up to her and put her arm around Lizzy's waist. "Lizzy, dear, what's wrong?"
Lizzy looked at Liza in surprise, as if she didn't know what Liza was talking about. "N-nothing, dear sister. I was just washing my face and hands for supper."
"Lizzy," Liza began. "I know that something is wrong. What is it?" Lizzy didn't answer. "Is it Captain Milton?" Lizzy shot a look of disapproval at Liza. "Oh, Lizzy. I knew it!"
"Shh, Liza. Stop it," Lizzy said, blushing, yet feeling angry.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Lizzy. I wasn't being very sensitive to your feelings. Are you alright? Seriously, now. No lies."
Lizzy pulled Liza away from the dining room, where there were other people eating and chatting. "Liza, I have mixed feelings. I-" They were cut off by Lee.
"Girls, it's time to eat," Lee said. He saw the mischievous look on Liza's face. "Liza, what kind of mischief are you up to now?"
"N-nothing, dear Lee. Come, now, Lizzy. It's time for supper." Liza took her sister's hand and pulled Lizzy along behind her. Lee followed along and took his seat, next to Liza. "Lee, don't sit so close. Move your chair over," Liza said, complaining. She always felt as if she never had enough room at the table. Liza wasn't one for being in tight places. Lee rolled his eyes, sighed and moved his chair a bit further away.
"Liza, put your napkin in your lap before you ruin that beautiful dress," Lee commanded.
"Lee, why is it you always treat me like such a child? I am nineteen years old. Please. I'm not a child anymore," Liza said, a bit frustrated, but she put her napkin in her lap anyway. "Oh, and thank you for the compliment."
Lee blushed. "W-what compliment? I didn't-"
"Oh yes you did," Liza said, smiling. "You said this was a beautiful dress," Liza said, pointing to her dress.
Lee wouldn't look Liza in the eyes. "Yes. I said the dress was beautiful. I never said that it was you whom I was referring to."
Liza giggled. "Lee, lest you forget, I never mentioned you saying that, either." Lee met Liza's gaze. Liza chuckled and ate a spoonful of her soup. Lee looked away and did the same.
"Oh," Liza said, putting down her spoon and turning to Lee. "I was wondering, I mean, we were wondering, the girls and I would like to go into town tomorrow. Would you like to accompany us, Lee?"
"I'd be more than happy. After all, I was sent with you to watch over you, for your father," Lee answered in a very sophisticated way.
"Oh, Lee, you don't have to act as if it's your duty to spend time with us. Will you come as a friend? Not a guardian?" Liza said, putting on her pleading face.
Lee chuckled. "As you wish, malady." Liza laughed and turned to Bekah who was sitting next to her.
"He's coming," Liza said in Bekah's ear.
"Oh great, now we have to deal with him telling us all about the art of dancing, or something grown-up, such as that," Bekah said, laughing. Liza laughed too. Lee wondered why they were, and who they were laughing at.
"Oh, Bekah. He promised to come as a friend, so at least we don't have to worry about him telling us what we should and shouldn't do."
"Liza, you know he's going to do that anyway," Bekah replied. The girls laughed again, then regained their composure. Liza had been wondering about a certain gentleman for a few days. She had to ask.
"Bekah," Liza whispered. "Do you think that Mr. Bryant will be here, in London?"
Bekah smiled, knowing this was coming. "Oh, Liza, you must stop thinking about him. Remember, he's with another woman."
Liza felt sad, but shook her head in agreement. "Yes. You're right, dear Bekah. I must get him off my mind."
Bekah smiled. "But, I did hear from one of Captain Milton's friends that Milton has a dear friend coming to join him here, any day." Liza perked up and her face lit like a candle.
"Oh, Bekah, do you think it could be-" Liza said, a bit louder.
"Shh, Liza. Lower your voice," Bekah said, but not too firmly.
"Oh right."
"But," Bekah said, taking her cousin's hand. "I do believe it might be Mr. Bryant." Liza smiled and sat up straight in her chair, with pleasure. Then she turned and finished her supper.


Katherine said...

Supper is sounding good here! ;) Love the interaction with Lee- I'm looking forward to finding out if what he said of Mr.Bryant is true. ;)
Liza, be wise...Mr.Bryant is supposedly with another woman! Take Lizzy's thoughts as advice- you don't want to cause gossip ;)


(i do kind of sound like Charlotte Collins there ;)

Eldarwen said...

LOL =D Yeah, you're so right, Kat! ;)


Lizzy Bennet said...

Great job, Liza! It was so exciting!

P.S. I agree with Katherine!

Marianne said...

Great job!