Saturday, April 17, 2010

" My Dear William"

...How are you? My father tells me you are in town. I have been well, since I saw you last. I can hardly believe it was two years ago. How does your study go? I suppose becoming a lawyer is no easy task- you must have many laws to memorize. I am glad to be in London- father says that you ask how Cathy and I do here. Well, we have hardly been here four days, but I like it very much. My aunt's house is always pleasant, and all our dear cousins are so charming. I have only attended one evening party, which my uncle hosted, but I am soon to attend a ball, which will be my coming out. I do not know when, but perhaps you can be there. Oh, I have so much to say to you, but a letter will not do. I long to see you! Please, my dear brother, say you will come and see us!

most affectionately,
your sister, 

 After she had sealed her letter, she held her face in her hands and sat at the desk thinking for many minutes. The separation broke her heart- "Why did papa insist that brother Will must become a clergyman?! And why did Will have to refuse and go off to become a lawyer instead!? Would he come? She hadn't seen him since he left the house against father's wishes and declared he'd never come back. That was almost three years ago- was he still angry? Father wasn't, she  was sure. He seemed sorry for all of it, and wished for reconciliation. Oh, and mama was almost sick with the joy and pain of seeing her first born son again!"

Her thoughts were interupted by Catherine entering their little sitting room.
"My aunt says we must go with her, to assist her in her shopping this morning- why, Anne!" Catherine exclaimed in the midst of her sentence,seeing Anne's face covered in tears. "What is the matter?" she asked, going and kneeling by her.
"Oh, nothing," Anne replied, wiping her face with both hands, and endeavoring to smile.She looked at her sister and said, "I have just written William."
"Oh." Catherine looked cold.

"I know you don't forgive him for leaving- but you must, Cathy. He might come see us, surely, after he recieves my letter, he will be more willing. Don't you see? Their is hope for reconciliation!"
"Our brother does not- I don't- he left us, why should we make the effort to reconcile?"
"Oh, Cathy, I know you are hurt. I am-this has broken my heart as well, but I know that I cannot hold it against him, for we all err, and if he is sorry and willing to change things, we should accept him. He is our brother, and no anger or separation will change that."

"It may not for you, but it does for me!" Catherine was angry. "Why," she began to sob, "he left without a word to me, after- after- after what we were to each other. That is not brotherly, and I cannot forgive him!" She sat on a chair and hid her face in her dress.
"Oh, Cathy, dear, please, don't be so distressed- please, I didn't know you were so affected." She put her arms around her sister, and continued to comfort her. After a few minutes, Catherine was more composed. She smiled and hugged her sister back.

"Why did you not speak of your feelings to me?," implored Anne. They were now sitting on their bed, wrapped in each other's arms.
"I did not want to speak of- Will."
"Do you- can you really no forgive him?"
"I will- I will try. I do love him, and what you said is very true. He is our brother, and nothing can change that. If he does come, I will- I might forgive him. But if he does not come, I fear I may never be able to."
"I hope, I pray he will come. I am sure- after what father told us of how he acted and what he said when he met them in the street, I am almost certain that he is not as angry as he was. Though I am afraid he is just as determined to go his own way," she said smilingly. Catherine laughed.
"My dears, I must be leaving within the next five minutes! Are you ready to accompany me?" called their Aunt Maria from below.
"We are coming!" cried Anne, as she and Catherine jumped up- she to grab her letter and her cloak, and Catherine to run downstairs.

To be continued...


Lizzy Bennet said...

Very interesting, Anne! You added a nice twist to the story - I like it!

Lady Scribbles said...

Oooh a distant brother twist. I like it. Fantastic job, I cannot wait to see what happens next.