Monday, April 26, 2010

No, but there is...


The girls were in the carriage with their aunt and eldest cousin Maria in minutes.Before they left, Anne had left her letter with her uncle's man, as Colonel Fitzwilliam had directed her to do. For some time afterward 's she was silent. Her aunt observed this, and putting her hand affectionately on her lap, she said,
"I am sure your brother cannot fail to answer your letter, he thinks of his sisters most affectionately, I am sure." Anne smiled and returned her aunt's caresses. Catherine looked uncomfortable and put her head very nearly entirely out the carriage window. Maria, not entirely comprehending the situation, merely sat silently smilingly, looking very much like her mother.

They soon drew up in front of a store, and continued to do that over and over, until their aunt had made all her purchases. The sisters were enthralled by busy London, and the riches they saw in the stores were admired and exclaimed upon most enthusiastically. Though every now and then, Catherine would say something about "how useless and frivolous those tings were", and how "fleeting the material things in life are", or something in the way of religious philosophy. But she was intrigued, none the less, and soon threw off all pretense off indifference under the weight of her enjoyment.

For a very few hours they wandered the stores and square, but their aunt did not want to spend too much time away from baby Ally, so they were evetually on their way home. When they arrived, Anne ran in and asked the butler if there was any letter's or notes for her.
"No madam," he replied.
Anne looked dissapointed and leaned her back  against the wall.
"But there is a gentleman in the parlor."
Anne was roused. She asked the butler who was he.
"I do not know ma'am. But here is his card." He handed her a small card. Quite contrary to his expectations, she turned quite pale, and, to his relief, Catherine came at that moment and said,
"Anne, whatever is the matter!"
Anne turned to her sister, and handed her the card.
Catherine said faintly,"Oh, its William." She was paler than her sister, and they were about to run into the parlor with her , when the butler opened the door and announced,
That gentleman came in, and with an enthusiastic smile, made a deep bow. 

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Lady Scribbles said...

le gasp!!!!! Why is his name Landish...or did I miss something?