Friday, July 9, 2010

John is Rescued.

I could not Do anything else Johns face was so pale ,I thought He was going to die any minute.

"Miss Rose? Miss Rose were are you ?" Came the voice of my father's Hired hand Micheal.

"Micheal Im over here Help me " I sobbed.

I heard him running when he saw John he looked shocked.

"Jumping! Jack-Pipes" He exclaimed, as he Helped me get John to his feet . We Tried to keep him as Still as possible.

"Rose..." Whispered John ,his face Contorted with Pain.

"It's going to be alright " I said, Soothingly.

When we reached the front Porch I found Papa waiting for me.

"Rose! Dear God what is wrong with John? " said Papa, coming down to help Micheal.

"He been Shot Edward Hornburg " I answered.

When we got him inside. and onto the Guest quarters bed. Father went to Call for the Doctor.

"Rose ... I'm Sorry "Whispered John

"John what do you mean ?"I asked ,Kneeling beside him.

"That..I Didn't ..Mean to.." He struggled with the Words, I felt Tears coming to my eyes.

"Mean what ?" I exclaimed ,Sobbing into my hands.

He reached out his uninjured hand and stroked my hair ,whispering words that I Could not catch . Just then the Doctor Burst in he forced me out of the Room.

My father along with Betsy were sitting in the two Chairs outside the Door.

"Rose sit down " Pleaded my Papa standing up.

"No I must Wright to Eva and Lizzy " I said Firmly and I ran up the Stairs I passed my mothers Room then arrived at mine, I sat down at my writing Desk then got out Five pieces of Paper and wrote two Eva and then to Lizzy using almost the Same words.

Dear Eva
I must tell you John has been shot by Edward Hornburg.
this Letter must be short for I have to Wright also to Lizzy
I am fine but Johns life could be In danger if his Wound gets
infected. John Apologized but He didn't tell me Why I am Troubled
by this.

Sincerely Rose


Gianna said...

How lovely, Rosie! If you would just remember to put in periods and proper punctualization, it would be easier to read. Thanks!

Kathleen S. said...

WHAT DID HE SAY???!!!!! I'm suffering tortures of suspense!! Does he think he started the feud and caused her grief by making Ed mad or something? Finish it soon, we beg thee!!! <:D

Wild with suspense and flurried with worry....

Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

I am still Planning :) I will finish it soon .


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