Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Interesting Talk

It was mid-day, and I was in our garden, waiting for Leland.
"Miss Lizzy?" I heard him ask a housemaid.
"Waiting for you in the garden," the maid told him. I saw his hat and ran toward it.
"Lee, I'm here!"
Lee smiled and walked over. Bowing, he asked, "How are you today, Miss Lizzy?"
I played along, sweeping my best curtsy. "Very well. And you?"
Lee became silent. "Can we talk now, Lizzy?"
"Of course. There is table over there" -- I pointed -- "with tea. Come." I took his arm and we walked to the table.
After sitting down I poured us some tea.
"I don't know how to begin," Lee said playing nervously with his hat, "I-"
"You are in love with Liza." I interrupted him.
Lee looked up at me startled, "How...?" Then he got up suddenly, running his hands through his hair. "How did you know? Was it that obvious?"
I smiled, "I know you, Lee. I just guessed. It isn't that obvious -- I was not even positive myself until now."
"Well," Lee said as he sat back down again. "What do you think, Lizzy? Give me some of your wisdom."
"Ask her to marry you."
Lee looked up in surprise. "Really? Do you think I should?"
"Yes, Lee. I do."
Lee got up from his chair again, "Lizzy... I want to thank-"
"Go!" I got up and gave him a little push towards the house.
"Go?" He looked confused. I gave him a look.
"Oh! Go!" And he was off.


Katherine said...

Oh!!! Great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen S. said...

This made me laugh! I LOVE Lizzy! "Go!"


Meggie said...

hehehe! How awesome! I like Leeland very much!

~ Meggie

Eldarwen said...

Eeep!! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the next post, Lizzy!!! I miss writing on this blog. :( I wish I could find more time to participate. *sigh* But I must say, Lizzy dear, you are doing a fabulous job with Lee and Liza! ;D

Love Your Pemberly Sister,

Katie Gunn said...

GO! Love it! GO! GO! :P