Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amae rescued .

Amae wanted to stay next to me but I stopped her.

"Amae you must have rest " I insisted and she went out onto a balcony and rested on a small Sofa.

I looked around and found Eva having some Punch I made my way through the Dancing Crowd to her.

"Eva I haven't been able to tell you since I have been busy but I must tell you " I said and I held out my hand that.

"Rosie your Engaged ! oh how wonderful " Exclaimed Eva .

"I know ! " I answered.

"To who ? "

"John Kinsley he looks very much like his brother except he has Red hair"

John was Talking to Lilian his sister her long Brown Curls were done in french Twists.

"Oh I must go and talk to Pierre he is Probably next to Maria "

"Next to Maria? " Asked Eva confused.

"He knows what shes going through " I answered

Eva just nodded so we made our way out of the Stuffy room into Lizzy's Room were Maria was .

"Do you think Leland might have liked me at some point? " asked Maria

"I bet he does like you but maybe you mistook his meaning " answered Pierre.

when we Entered Maria burst Into tears .

"Oh Eva I've been so Blind ! will you ever forgive me" exclaimed Maria between sobs.

"Oh Maria don't cry ! " Said Pierre gently .

"Maria of course I forgive you " answered Eva soothingly

Eva and I went to her Bedside and started Soothing her .

"thank you Mr.De Johns .. thank you " she whispered to Pierre as she fell back to sleep..


Kathleen S. said...

Very lovely! But would a man have actually been allowed in a lady's room?

Nevertheless, it was so sweet of him to comfort her! :)

Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

hmm good Question if Maria invited him it would be propper so I guess so My Great Grandmother told me "A man was not allowed in a Womans Rooms Unless he was her Husband or was Invited ." so there you go