Friday, July 23, 2010

Johns Confession

Days went by, and soon John was allowed to be walking. He found me on the balcony one evening, looking out at the stars.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" he said.

"Yes, very beautiful," I answered, looking at him. His arm was in a sling, but other then that he looked as though he hadn't been shot.

"I must tell you somthing now before we marry." John spoke in a low voice.

"What is it?"

"Well, it's a long story, Rose. But tell you I must." He sat down on one of the sofas that were arranged on the balcony.

I followed his example and sat down on one, too.

"Well, I met Edward Hornburg two years ago, and we talked of many things; mainly politics and general statuses. Edward was very interested in you when I first talked to him." He began looking at me gently, and I noticed with surprise that there was a similarity in his face to a stranger I had bumped into on the street in London two years ago.

"You see, at your grandmother's house wasn't the first time I saw you..." He paused, then spoke quickly.

"Two years ago, on the twentieth of June, I was in London and bumped into you in the streets. I knocked some of your bundles off of the stack of bundles you were carrying, so I helped you take them to your hotel. The only name you gave me was Ivangelean Morgans, using your middle name as your first.

"Edward told me that you would be going to a French school. Thinking like an idiot, I left for France." He paused in his story. Seeing I wasn't moving from my spot, he continued:

"But I never found you. Instead, I found a young girl named Helene; she was very beautiful and won my heart. I married her and bought a small house in Paris, where we lived. She became pregnant, and, God forgive me, I left for a business trip during her confinement. When I came back, I was told that my lovely wife had died, leaving me with an infant boy. His name was Frederick Jonathan Robert Kingsley. I was overcome with grief, but I made sure my son had everything he needed. I soon found Edward Hornburg was the brother to my dearest Helene, and so, since I had broken my poor wife's heart by leaving, I made it up to her by helping her brother with many things." He paused again, then spoke:

"Rose, I helped him marry Amae."

"You helped him...?" Words failed me

"Yes, I did." John buried his face in his good hand.

"John, it is alright," I said, rushing over to him.

"If I hadn't helped Edward, he never would have married Amae and caused trouble to you." He said. He removed his hand from his face. Tears rested in his eyes.

"John, you can't change the past, so there's no use in worrying over it. We all do something we regret but God chose for these things to happen, and He has a plan. And part of His plan was for you to bump into me on the street."

John looked at me hopefully.

"Where is your son now?" I asked, changing the subject that was so painful to him.

"Here in England, at my brother in-law's. He will be coming to meet you soon."

Our conversation lightened a bit.

When the clock struck ten o' clock, I said good night and made my way back to my rooms.

"John has a son... well, I must get to know him... he must be only one and a half... oh, the poor little dear..." I thought as I fell asleep....


Kathleen S. said...

How find that your fiancee had had a finger in a friend's elopement...although it was supposely to "help" the guy. I agree, that wasn't smart of John, and he seems to have led a LITTLE bit of a double life..not much, though.

I don't quite understand the "thinking like an idiot" part...does that mean he shouldn't have tried to follow her to a place where her parents would not be, or that he should have waited to find her address, or...?

I'm so sorry for John and Helene! At least he did his best to care for his boy. And I'm sure Rose will care for him as her could she do otherwise?

However, don't you think he would have used another word, not "pregnant"? That was a "hush-hush" topic back then, wasn't it? Maybe "with child" or something...

Very intrigueing! And I thoroughly look forward to the further developements!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine, I wanted to leave this comment on your other blog (the post about your sweet puppy dying), but the comments section wasn't working properly, so I'm leaving it here for you. = )

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry! What a hard thing that is. My dog's getting up there in years, has a heart condition, tumors all over his body, and probably cancer, so we know he's only alive now by the grace of God. I truly believe that God has a special place in heaven for all his wonderful furry creatures, and Zi-Zi's there now, romping in the grass and enjoying a perfect eternity. :' ) May His comfort be upon you now!