Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home at last.

The Ball was splendid but I was glad when I was home .
My mother was no longer Sick so I could be at East End once more oh how Lovely everything seemed to be the Garden was as I always remembered with a Small duck pond that reflected me and my Dark Brown hair .

"Rosie ! oh how good it is to have you home!" Exclaimed Mama when I entered she was still confined to her bedroom just in Case of losing the use of her Legs.

"Hello Mama " I said coming over to her Bed and giving her a hug.

"Well Please sit Rose " she seemed like she always was full of Wisdom.

"Oh Mama it is good to be Home " I said fiddling with one of my Curls that had come out of the French twists Fanny had arranged.

"Now what is that on your finger My little woman "

"Mama I am Engaged to John Kingsley " I said holding out my hand to my Mama who Beamed at me.

"Sir Georges son ?"


"Oh Rose ! this is Wonderful I must tell Betsy go ring the Bell for her then go downstairs and get Jenny up to my room ." my Mama made a big deal of it so I obeyed her and rang the bell for Betsy .

and slid down the Banister an old habit of mine .

"Rose don't let anyone see that " Came the cheery Voice of my Papa his spectacles on along with a Purple waist coat and a green robe making him look Odd but sophisticated.

"yes Papa" I said heading down to the Servant Quarter's.

"Jenny Mama wants you " I called to the Old maid her white hair done in a tight bun under her Cap.

Jenny bustled out of the room leaving her two helpers Brigitta and Josephine to do the Beds.

I headed out of the House into the Fields that Separated Grand mamas Mansion and our Manor house I wasn't surprised to Find John there gazing at the Woods.

"Hello Dearest " He said gently.

His Eyes were gazing across the Field as though it would tell him something.

"what is it ?" I asked

"A while ago I heard someone Maybe I was Imagining it but I don't know"

just then I heard a twig snap and I grabbed onto John . I could hear Footsteps but I couldn't see anyone.

"YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE " Screamed the voice of Edward Hornburg

I heard the sound of a Gun being loaded Edward Hornburg emerged from the Tall Grass.

"You have ruined Me my wife has Left me her dowry was the only thing that could save me from becoming Bankrupt" He pointed the gun at me .

"Oh God protect me " I thought .

He pulled the Trigger John threw himself in front of me and fell Blood gushed from his side Edward Hornburg Ran dropping the gun.

"Rose I..." John was becoming Weak I couldn't move him I knelt beside him sobbing.

"John please don't Die " I said between Sobs .

"The ...bullet... is lodged...in my left ..arm." He whispered struggling to cover the wound .

I took hold of the bottom of my Petticoat and ripped it out and stemmed the Blood flow by tieing it around his arm. his face was completely Pale I didn't know what to do...


Elizabeth Rose said...

EPIC, Rosie! And dramatic, too!

Katherine said...

Oh wow! Rosie this was great! Can't wait to see what happens next.


Gianna said...

Can't wait for the next post! Like Lizzy Rose said, very, very epic!

Kathleen S. said...

Not at all what I was expecting...therefore, very very good!!!! Love being surprised!

Poor Rosie! So glad it was just her Fiancee`'s arm, not somewhere more vital! I couldn't bear it if John died...*sob*

Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

I Know I think I suprised myself ! I am glad you all like it I am deciding to wright a story and get it Published :) its going to be about Rosie but a Bit longer.

Gianna said...

can' wait for the next post, Rosie! I really hope that John doesn't die!!!!!

Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

this is like the most comments I have ever gotten on any of my posts :)

Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Dear Sisters of Pemberly,
I was wondering if you would accept another addition to your party. If you do i would be most pleased!
In Christ