Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Interesting Talk

It was mid-day, and I was in our garden, waiting for Leland.
"Miss Lizzy?" I heard him ask a housemaid.
"Waiting for you in the garden," the maid told him. I saw his hat and ran toward it.
"Lee, I'm here!"
Lee smiled and walked over. Bowing, he asked, "How are you today, Miss Lizzy?"
I played along, sweeping my best curtsy. "Very well. And you?"
Lee became silent. "Can we talk now, Lizzy?"
"Of course. There is table over there" -- I pointed -- "with tea. Come." I took his arm and we walked to the table.
After sitting down I poured us some tea.
"I don't know how to begin," Lee said playing nervously with his hat, "I-"
"You are in love with Liza." I interrupted him.
Lee looked up at me startled, "How...?" Then he got up suddenly, running his hands through his hair. "How did you know? Was it that obvious?"
I smiled, "I know you, Lee. I just guessed. It isn't that obvious -- I was not even positive myself until now."
"Well," Lee said as he sat back down again. "What do you think, Lizzy? Give me some of your wisdom."
"Ask her to marry you."
Lee looked up in surprise. "Really? Do you think I should?"
"Yes, Lee. I do."
Lee got up from his chair again, "Lizzy... I want to thank-"
"Go!" I got up and gave him a little push towards the house.
"Go?" He looked confused. I gave him a look.
"Oh! Go!" And he was off.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Johns Confession

Days went by, and soon John was allowed to be walking. He found me on the balcony one evening, looking out at the stars.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?" he said.

"Yes, very beautiful," I answered, looking at him. His arm was in a sling, but other then that he looked as though he hadn't been shot.

"I must tell you somthing now before we marry." John spoke in a low voice.

"What is it?"

"Well, it's a long story, Rose. But tell you I must." He sat down on one of the sofas that were arranged on the balcony.

I followed his example and sat down on one, too.

"Well, I met Edward Hornburg two years ago, and we talked of many things; mainly politics and general statuses. Edward was very interested in you when I first talked to him." He began looking at me gently, and I noticed with surprise that there was a similarity in his face to a stranger I had bumped into on the street in London two years ago.

"You see, at your grandmother's house wasn't the first time I saw you..." He paused, then spoke quickly.

"Two years ago, on the twentieth of June, I was in London and bumped into you in the streets. I knocked some of your bundles off of the stack of bundles you were carrying, so I helped you take them to your hotel. The only name you gave me was Ivangelean Morgans, using your middle name as your first.

"Edward told me that you would be going to a French school. Thinking like an idiot, I left for France." He paused in his story. Seeing I wasn't moving from my spot, he continued:

"But I never found you. Instead, I found a young girl named Helene; she was very beautiful and won my heart. I married her and bought a small house in Paris, where we lived. She became pregnant, and, God forgive me, I left for a business trip during her confinement. When I came back, I was told that my lovely wife had died, leaving me with an infant boy. His name was Frederick Jonathan Robert Kingsley. I was overcome with grief, but I made sure my son had everything he needed. I soon found Edward Hornburg was the brother to my dearest Helene, and so, since I had broken my poor wife's heart by leaving, I made it up to her by helping her brother with many things." He paused again, then spoke:

"Rose, I helped him marry Amae."

"You helped him...?" Words failed me

"Yes, I did." John buried his face in his good hand.

"John, it is alright," I said, rushing over to him.

"If I hadn't helped Edward, he never would have married Amae and caused trouble to you." He said. He removed his hand from his face. Tears rested in his eyes.

"John, you can't change the past, so there's no use in worrying over it. We all do something we regret but God chose for these things to happen, and He has a plan. And part of His plan was for you to bump into me on the street."

John looked at me hopefully.

"Where is your son now?" I asked, changing the subject that was so painful to him.

"Here in England, at my brother in-law's. He will be coming to meet you soon."

Our conversation lightened a bit.

When the clock struck ten o' clock, I said good night and made my way back to my rooms.

"John has a son... well, I must get to know him... he must be only one and a half... oh, the poor little dear..." I thought as I fell asleep....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

That night in bed

The ball ended, and I was a little overwhelmed with all that had happened. Aunt Georgie stood by the door bidding the gusts goodnight. Lee rushed over and took my hand, "Lizzy I must talk to you!"
"I know." I answered, taking my hand from his grip.
"When? It must be soon, I can not bear-"
"I know," I interrupted, "Tomorrow in the garden."
"Thank you!" He said, his eyes gleaming with gratitude, and with that he bounded away.

I fell into my wonderful bed exhausted. I lay there for a moment in my night dress looking up at the ceiling, thinking on the day.
"Lizzy?" I heard a whisper.
"Yes Liza?"
"Can I talk to you?"
"Of course.'' Liza got out of her bed and came to mine, laying next to me, looking up, she sighed.
"Roll over and I'll rub your back." I offered. She did so.
"What is on your mind?" I asked her gently.
"Lee!" She groaned.
I gave a small laugh. 
"It's not something to laugh over, Lizzy!" She said.
I smothered a smile, "Yes, I'm sorry."
"How beastly I was tonight," she said violently, "And yet, how could he? Lee can be so thoughtless sometimes. How could he?"
"How could he make you fall in love with him?" I asked her.
Liza shot up, grabbing my shoulders she asked, "How did you know?"
"I know you, Liza."
"Do you think he knows?"
"No." She fell back down and gave another sigh.
"What do I do?" She moaned.
"Nothing, you wait." I answered.
"But its so hard!"
"I know, but you will live." Liza sat up and gave me a hug, "I love you, little sister!"
Hugging her back I said, "I love you, too."
And we went to bed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

John is Rescued.

I could not Do anything else Johns face was so pale ,I thought He was going to die any minute.

"Miss Rose? Miss Rose were are you ?" Came the voice of my father's Hired hand Micheal.

"Micheal Im over here Help me " I sobbed.

I heard him running when he saw John he looked shocked.

"Jumping! Jack-Pipes" He exclaimed, as he Helped me get John to his feet . We Tried to keep him as Still as possible.

"Rose..." Whispered John ,his face Contorted with Pain.

"It's going to be alright " I said, Soothingly.

When we reached the front Porch I found Papa waiting for me.

"Rose! Dear God what is wrong with John? " said Papa, coming down to help Micheal.

"He been Shot Edward Hornburg " I answered.

When we got him inside. and onto the Guest quarters bed. Father went to Call for the Doctor.

"Rose ... I'm Sorry "Whispered John

"John what do you mean ?"I asked ,Kneeling beside him.

"That..I Didn't ..Mean to.." He struggled with the Words, I felt Tears coming to my eyes.

"Mean what ?" I exclaimed ,Sobbing into my hands.

He reached out his uninjured hand and stroked my hair ,whispering words that I Could not catch . Just then the Doctor Burst in he forced me out of the Room.

My father along with Betsy were sitting in the two Chairs outside the Door.

"Rose sit down " Pleaded my Papa standing up.

"No I must Wright to Eva and Lizzy " I said Firmly and I ran up the Stairs I passed my mothers Room then arrived at mine, I sat down at my writing Desk then got out Five pieces of Paper and wrote two Eva and then to Lizzy using almost the Same words.

Dear Eva
I must tell you John has been shot by Edward Hornburg.
this Letter must be short for I have to Wright also to Lizzy
I am fine but Johns life could be In danger if his Wound gets
infected. John Apologized but He didn't tell me Why I am Troubled
by this.

Sincerely Rose

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home at last.

The Ball was splendid but I was glad when I was home .
My mother was no longer Sick so I could be at East End once more oh how Lovely everything seemed to be the Garden was as I always remembered with a Small duck pond that reflected me and my Dark Brown hair .

"Rosie ! oh how good it is to have you home!" Exclaimed Mama when I entered she was still confined to her bedroom just in Case of losing the use of her Legs.

"Hello Mama " I said coming over to her Bed and giving her a hug.

"Well Please sit Rose " she seemed like she always was full of Wisdom.

"Oh Mama it is good to be Home " I said fiddling with one of my Curls that had come out of the French twists Fanny had arranged.

"Now what is that on your finger My little woman "

"Mama I am Engaged to John Kingsley " I said holding out my hand to my Mama who Beamed at me.

"Sir Georges son ?"


"Oh Rose ! this is Wonderful I must tell Betsy go ring the Bell for her then go downstairs and get Jenny up to my room ." my Mama made a big deal of it so I obeyed her and rang the bell for Betsy .

and slid down the Banister an old habit of mine .

"Rose don't let anyone see that " Came the cheery Voice of my Papa his spectacles on along with a Purple waist coat and a green robe making him look Odd but sophisticated.

"yes Papa" I said heading down to the Servant Quarter's.

"Jenny Mama wants you " I called to the Old maid her white hair done in a tight bun under her Cap.

Jenny bustled out of the room leaving her two helpers Brigitta and Josephine to do the Beds.

I headed out of the House into the Fields that Separated Grand mamas Mansion and our Manor house I wasn't surprised to Find John there gazing at the Woods.

"Hello Dearest " He said gently.

His Eyes were gazing across the Field as though it would tell him something.

"what is it ?" I asked

"A while ago I heard someone Maybe I was Imagining it but I don't know"

just then I heard a twig snap and I grabbed onto John . I could hear Footsteps but I couldn't see anyone.

"YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE " Screamed the voice of Edward Hornburg

I heard the sound of a Gun being loaded Edward Hornburg emerged from the Tall Grass.

"You have ruined Me my wife has Left me her dowry was the only thing that could save me from becoming Bankrupt" He pointed the gun at me .

"Oh God protect me " I thought .

He pulled the Trigger John threw himself in front of me and fell Blood gushed from his side Edward Hornburg Ran dropping the gun.

"Rose I..." John was becoming Weak I couldn't move him I knelt beside him sobbing.

"John please don't Die " I said between Sobs .

"The ...bullet... is my left ..arm." He whispered struggling to cover the wound .

I took hold of the bottom of my Petticoat and ripped it out and stemmed the Blood flow by tieing it around his arm. his face was completely Pale I didn't know what to do...

All is Revealed ~ Part 2

The next morning I awoke to find myself in my bed at our townhouse. I could hear the carts clattering down the street and the whistle of the wind 'round the house. Suddenly, I sat up straight in my bed, recalling the events of the previous evening. I wondered how my little sister was doing this morning, and at that moment I decided to check on her. Rolling over in my bed, I turned to face her. Maria's face was pale and streaked with tears. Her lashes gently brushed her cheek as she opened her eyes and glanced over at my bed. "Oh, good morning, Eva," she said sheepishly, finding me to be awake.

I got up from my bed and walked over to hers. Sitting on the edge, I pulled Maria into my arms and stroked her tangled curls.

"Dearest," I began. "Do you think you could let me know what has been troubling you?"

Maria sighed in consent, then began:

"When I met Mr. Smith at that ball last winter, I found him to be a most gentlemanly person, very polite and obliging. I got it into my head that I loved him and that he was in love with me. What I took to be love, he only intended as politeness, and now I see it was no more than that. But, at the time, I was not to be brought down from my dream. I was in love — what could be more splendid?

"Well, when I learned he was to be in London, I persisted constantly that we should go as well. Aunt Georgiana's wedding was the perfect excuse. You know Papa saw right through me, but he consented anyway, to please me and Mama. 

"Even before we left, I started sending the letters. Letting him know I was here, wondering if he could come see me, things like that. I am ashamed to admit that I got more "romantic" with each letter. It embarrasses me to recall what I wrote in those foolish notes," and at that, Maria pressed her hand to her forehead despairingly. She then continued. "But the only thing that troubled me slightly is that I never once received a reply.

"The night of the Darcys' ball, I knew I had to be there to see Leland. So, with no thought of proper manners or propriety, I showed my great enthusiasm at seeing him. And... well, you know the rest." Maria concluded her story with a sad glance up at my face, as if to ask if I meant to scold her. I could not find it in my heart to scold her at this moment, so I simply continued to stroke her hair.

After about five minutes had passed, I looked down at Maria. Her face was slightly distraught, as if she feared to tell me something.

"What is the matter, Maria?" I asked gently.

"Well... I don't want this to end in the same fashion as... well, the situation with Mr. Smith, but... Eva, tell me right now if you think it is wrong of me to enjoy Pierre De Johns company?"

"Maria," I began. "From what I know of Mr. De Johns, he seems to be a most respectable gentleman. I find no fault with him. But..." I said in a warning tone, "take care not to assume that he loves you or cares for you more than he has expressed."

"Oh, I won't, Eva!" Maria said quickly. "It is just a friendship. I do not desire to be married, ever. I think I shall die an old maid."

Her reply brought on a fit of giggles in both of us, which sent Mama scurrying down the hall to our door.

"Girls, girls, is something the matter?" she asked with alarm.

"Oh no, Mama," Maria said, smiling up at me. "Everything is just splendid!"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Enough Excitement to Last a Lifetime - Part 2

I knew my cousin was somewhere upstairs, but I couldn't find her. I also knew that the episode between Maria and Leland had considerably ruffled her emotions. Then I heard a sniffle and muffled sob and found her huddle in a chair in one of the bedrooms.
"Oh, Liza." I put my arms around her. "Why are you crying?"

"I don't know!" Liza sniffles.

"Is it about Lee?" I asked gently. I had just spoken to Lizzy, and she had filled me in on all the excitement that had been going on while I had visiting with James and my siblings.

Liza turned her head to look at me, and I could see in her eyes what the problem was.

"I know I hurt him. How could I speak to him like that? I knew it wasn't his fault. I was feeling so....." She paused. "I just didn't realize until then how much he me."

I smiled. "Leland is more than ready to forgive you if you ask. I'm sure you know that you mean alot to him. Come, wash your face , I'll help you fix your hair and outfit up again and then we'll go find Lee."

Liza's eyes began to glow and she pressed my hand gratefully. After she was feeling *mostly* herself again, we went downstairs.

"Wait here." I advised when we reached the private family parlor. "I'll find Leland and send him in." Liza gave me nervous, happy smile as I tripped away.

Lee was glaring moodily into the punch bowl. "Lee?" He turned slowly around.
"Oh, hello Bekah."

"Leland, there's someone who wants to see you. They're waiting in the parlor." A surprised, unguarded smile crossed his face. His eyes asked "Liza?" and my smile answered his question. He bowed, kissed my hand and was off to the parlor as fast as he could walk, yet still being a gentleman and not running anyone over.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amae rescued .

Amae wanted to stay next to me but I stopped her.

"Amae you must have rest " I insisted and she went out onto a balcony and rested on a small Sofa.

I looked around and found Eva having some Punch I made my way through the Dancing Crowd to her.

"Eva I haven't been able to tell you since I have been busy but I must tell you " I said and I held out my hand that.

"Rosie your Engaged ! oh how wonderful " Exclaimed Eva .

"I know ! " I answered.

"To who ? "

"John Kinsley he looks very much like his brother except he has Red hair"

John was Talking to Lilian his sister her long Brown Curls were done in french Twists.

"Oh I must go and talk to Pierre he is Probably next to Maria "

"Next to Maria? " Asked Eva confused.

"He knows what shes going through " I answered

Eva just nodded so we made our way out of the Stuffy room into Lizzy's Room were Maria was .

"Do you think Leland might have liked me at some point? " asked Maria

"I bet he does like you but maybe you mistook his meaning " answered Pierre.

when we Entered Maria burst Into tears .

"Oh Eva I've been so Blind ! will you ever forgive me" exclaimed Maria between sobs.

"Oh Maria don't cry ! " Said Pierre gently .

"Maria of course I forgive you " answered Eva soothingly

Eva and I went to her Bedside and started Soothing her .

"thank you Mr.De Johns .. thank you " she whispered to Pierre as she fell back to sleep..