Friday, December 18, 2009

The Glorious Ball

(the dress on the right is Liza's ballgown)
"I'm so glad you ladies could make it," Leland said as he gave each of us his hand and helped us down from the carriage. As soon as we were all out of the carriage I was stunned by the magnificent lights that were hung everywhere.
"Oh Leland, it's beautiful!" I said and he gave me his arm. I put mine in his and said, "Well, it's beautiful for a small party." We all laughed.
"Well, I must say, Liza, you look beautiful tonight as well," Leland smiled and finished with, "For an unimportant young woman as yourself." We laughed once more. "Come, come inside and meet some friends of mine." Leland led the way and when we stepped inside the beautiful ballroom Rebekah gave a sharp gasp.
"It's, it's beautiful and so bright and... just beautiful!" Leland smiled as all us girl stood there and admired the brightly lit scenery and sighed happily. We felt so beautiful in our ballgowns, we felt like princess'. Rebekah took my hand, I took Lizzy's and we all took a deep breath.
"Wow, I'm so exited. A ball!" Lizzy said and she silently giggled. I giggled, too and Rebekah squeezed our hand and reminded us we were to be following Leland. We giggled again and walked a bit faster to catch up with him.

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