Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am Married

The dress that I had was beautiful--I had my nieces to thank for that. Standing next to my to be husband, I smiled up at him. He smiled back at me. My Matthew was so handsome. Behind me, I could hear Lizzy sniffling. Such a dear girl, and now she too was to be married. The service was done before I could even think, and then Matthew kissed me lovingly on the cheek. Everyone cheered for us as we ran out of the chapel. Matthew and I kissed again outside. Then I had to say goodbye.
"Oh Lizzy! Liza! I'm going to miss you!" I said to them.
"You'll have a wonderful time, Auntie," Liza said. I hugged them both tightly. I thought of years ago, when they were just little girls, and then I thought of how quickly time flew by. I let go of them and asked,
"You'll be good girls?" 
They laughed and said, "Aunt, we aren't three anymore." 
They should have been twins, I thought. I hugged them again. Then I hugged my sister-in-law, the first Lizzy.
"I'm so glad that you're happy," she said, her cheeks pink with excitement.
"Thank you." We where like sisters and it made me sad to think we would not share tea in the early mornings anymore. I saved my brother for last, because saying good-bye to him was the hardest. He had tears in his eyes. We hugged each other, neither one of us wanting to be the first to let go.
"You look lovely," he whispered.
"Thank you. I'm going to miss you."
"I will too."
"You have have been the best brother a young lady could ever have," I said softly, trying to hold back my tears. Darcy did not say anything, for Matthew had gently taken my arm and led me to the carriage. The last thing I saw was Lizzy and Liza waving madly to me. How I loved them. And how I loved Matthew.

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