Thursday, June 30, 2011

The day has arrived!

I could hardly believe it, today was the day that my very dear Aunt Georgie was to be married. I sat in the front row, Aunt Georgie stood by her to be husband, both smiling lovingly at each other. As I wiped a tear from my eyes, I felt a hand squeeze my arm. I looked over and saw Liza. Putting my arm around her waist, I smiled at her and she smiled back. I felt a pang in my heart; if only William were here with us. But his commander had a last minute job for him to do. Liza looked at me and whispered: 
"He'll be here soon."
"I know. At least you have your Lee." She blushed prettily and nodded. We both turned back to the ceremony. Too soon, all too soon, it was over. The bride and groom kissed and everyone cheered. We followed them out of the small country chapel. Aunt Georgie covered us with kisses, which we returned through tears.
"Come back soon!" Liza said as they got into the carriage.
"Have a wonderful time on your honeymoon!" I said.
Liza and I stood arm-in-arm, waving madly until we could see them no more.
"She's very happy," Liza said to me softly.
"Yes. Just think, that will be you soon." We smiled.
"Yes, and then you." I blushed.

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