Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lee talks to Liza

Lee rushed rather hurridly to the house. The maid was dusting.
"Where is Miss Liza?" he asked. She looked at him oddly, but he did look rather queer. His hair was mussed, his hat in hand.
'In her room..."
"Please call her to the parlor," he said, no longer dignified.
"Yes, sir." As she walked up stairs, Lee walked into the parlor.
She rapped twice on the door of Liza's room, "Miss Elizabeth?"
"Come in."
The maid entered and curtised.
"Ma'am, Mr. Leland is in the parlor waiting for you."
"At this time?" Liza asked as she got up from the window. She walked down the stairs and to the parlor slowly, and just before entering she smoothed her dress and hair.
When she came in, Leland bowed, and politely inquired, "How are your parents, Liza?"
Liza, still not understanding why he was here, sat down with a puzzled look.
"Why, yes Lee, they are very well," she said uncertainly, then, as if it was an after thought, "Please be seated."
He looked like he wanted to sit down, but was much too nervous to stay in one spot. After some unimportant talk, Lee walked over to Liza.
Bending down on one knee, he began to speak.
"Liza, we grew up together, and we were always fond of each other, and lately I have come to understand that,"--he paused--"that I love you. Elizabeth, will you do the honor of becoming my wife?"
Liza, who had at first turned white, now blushed and was smiling.
"Leland... yes, I will marry you."
Lee looked lovingly into her eyes, he took one of her hands and kissed it.
"I must speak to your father now," he said getting up.
Liza got up also.
"Yes, but stay for dinner. Our visit in London is almost done. We only have a week until Aunt Georgie's wedding."
The two looked at each other with love.
 "Will you stay for dinner, Lee?"
"Yes, then I leave in the morning."


Bree said...

Ooh, how romantic!! I simply cannot wait for the next post. :)


Eldarwen said...

Omigosh!! Yay!! He finally popped the question. ;D I love it, Lizzy!!

Love your Pemberly sister,

Galadheil Silini Lothnes said...

yay Liza is Going to Get married!!



Meggie said...

Oh, how beautiful. Romantically done, Lee!