Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Garden Discussion

It was only three days before Aunt Georgie's wedding, and I was anxiously awaiting the happy day. Maria and Mama had bestowed all their time on the wedding, and Aunt Georgie was very gracious towards their always willing, if not useful, help. I devoted my time to taking lovely strolls through the parks and gardens of London, drinking in the delicious scents of the rosebushes. Bekah often joined me in these walks, and her presence was always very welcome.
One morning I awoke early, dressed silently, and slipped out of the house. I strode down the still-quiet streets, heading towards one of the large public gardens. I was concentrating on the beautiful foliage around me, and I failed to recognize the pretty strawberry-blonde girl who was sitting sullenly on a small bench.
"Lizzy?" I asked in surprise, recognizing my cousin.
She lifted her large blue eyes to my face, two tears shining in them.
"Lizzy, dearest, what is wrong?"
"You have heard, I assume, about Liza and Lee?"
"Oh, yes," I answered, still confused. "Isn't it splendid?"
"Indeed," she answered quietly, although her voice suggested otherwise.
"Lizzy, why are you crying here?"
"It is the only place I could go where I could be... alone. Oh, it is not fair!" I almost jumped at her sudden outburst. "Lee and Liza's romance turned out perfectly! Just like a fairytale. And mine..."
I sat quietly, listening.
"It's Captain Milton," Lizzy spoke quickly.
"Captain Milton." Ah, now I understood. Captain Milton was an aquaitance of Lee's, and Lizzy had been introduced to him at a ball back home. From my understanding, she had been immediately disgusted by him at their first meeting. But over the time we had been in London, Lizzy's opinion towards Captain Milton seemed to have altered. Her tone when she spoke of him became softer and less harsh, and she was less inclined to think ill of him. I had sensed that something was going on between them.
"What about Captain Milton?" I asked softly.
"He... he's leaving. Today."
"Why does that bother you, Lizzy? You often spoke of him in such tones that gave me the feeling that you disliked him."
"I do!" she almost shouted. I jumped a little, then shivered in the chilly, early morning air.
"I do," she repeated again, this time softer. "Or, at least I think I do. He was such a gentleman at the ball..."
"Lizzy, do you remember the story about Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Darcy?"
She turned to me, understanding in her eyes.
"Aunt Lizzy strongly disliked Uncle Darcy at their first meeting, the same as you and Captain Milton,"--she blushed when I put her name together with his--"and Uncle Darcy felt as though Aunt Lizzy's position in life was decidedly below his. But, after a while, they began to understand the love they had for the other. Uncle Darcy realized this first, and he proposed, but in a very disagreeable manner. Aunt Lizzy refused him. It took some time, but after a while--and after Uncle Darcy started behaving in a less-haughty manner--Aunt Lizzy realized that she loved him. And when he proposed a second time..."
"... she accepted him," she finished for me.
"Yes," I said.
"Eva..." Lizzy spoke slowly. "Perhaps Captain Milton and I are acting in the same manner."
"Indeed," I said, a smile coming to my face. "Now, shall we go to our separate homes? I am sure we must be the cause of much angst--leaving this early, without a note to anyone."
"Yes, you are right," Lizzy answered. She too was smiling. "And, perhaps, we can arrive home before Captain Milton leaves..."


Katherine said...

oh i love this. SHame on me for not posting, but I will try to soon! I have to use my mom's computer, and that can only be once in a while. but i will try!

great posting girls


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