Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Rose

The day of the Smiths' garden party could hardly have been better. The air was cool and a breeze was blowing. I felt refreshed as I sat at the tables out in the garden having tea and chatting with my cousins and friends. Aunt Georgiana came with us and I was enjoying spending time with her. Soon, Liza and Lizzy moved away from the table. I saw Lizzy go into the house and I saw Liza talking to Leland, then moving away and talking to the man she had met at the ball, although I couldn't recall his name. The Smiths' maids came to clear the table, and my friend Captain James came over to take me on a walk.

"How have you been enjoying the first few weeks of your holiday?" I asked him.
"Oh, they've been splendid. I love being home." he replied.
"You've come home older, that's a fact."
"In age, yes."
"I didn't only mean that, you've gained experience in a trade. It's a good thing." As we talked, we were strolling among the flower gardens that the Smiths' gardeners took such good care of. This particular lane was bordered by rose bushes, alternating pink, red and white. Their fragrance was breathtaking.

"How have you been spending your time?" James asked.
"Oh, the usual." I replied.
"And what is 'the usual'?"
"Reading, needlework, tending to my brothers and sisters, playing the pianoforte."
"That's quite a list!"
"I keep busy, that's a fact."

Just then, I spotted an unusual rose among the bushes. There, sandwiched between a large, blooming blood red rose bush and an equally large pink rose bush, was a tiny little yellow rose bush with only one little bud on it. James spotted it too.
"Here's something unusual to spark up your usual life." he said with a little laugh, plucking the flower and putting it in my hand.
"It is pretty, a little loner in all those other flowers. Thank you." I tucked the flower into my hair, and together we began to walk back to the house. There was something about that flower that made me feel...excited somehow. I'd think about it more later, once we got home.

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Wonderful Bekah!