Friday, March 12, 2010

Lizzy talks

After I talked Liza, I went up stairs to see to my packing. After throwing about several dresses and making a general mess I sat down in a heap by the fireplace. Sighing, I laid down cooling my hot brow. The door opened and in came my beloved mother, seeing me she looked alarmed.
"My dear what is the matter?" she asked coming to me, and placing my head in lap.
"Nothing really, its just I have so may things on my mind."
Mother laughed softly, "Do wish to tell me about theses things.''
"Yes please!" I answered.
"Very well then, tell mother all about it.''
And out it came, about Liza and Bryant, Lee. It was a surprise even to myself, for it is not often that I speak of my feelings, even to my mother. She was thoughtful for some while, "What do you think of this Bryant?"
"I do not know about his character," I answered, "For only meet him a few times. But as for him and Liza...Well I think they like each other very much. That's why I was upset about Liza's news. It does seem like him to stoop as low Tyra Brunner!" I was now speaking to myself more than my mother, "There is nothing really wrong with her, its just that..." My sentence trailed off to nothing.
"Well," my Mother said standing up, "We will just have to see what happens."
I stood up too, putting my arm around my mothers shoulders, we went out together.


Eldarwen said...

Aw, how sweet! I'm so glad to know that Lizzy is worried about me. :) {hugs} Great post!


Katherine said...

Love it! I like how she spoke with her mother,and I can't wait to "see what happens"! :)

Philly Farmgirl said...

oh my, will there be a coming triangle between Liza, Lee, and the dashing Mr. Bryant?!
Hahaha I'm so late in reading I possibly am asking question's that have already been resolved.

Megan said...

I love your stories, but if you could just check your spelling it would tremendously help. it get's me off so.